Media library



The photographs in our image archive are free to use in daily reporting in the press (including magazines published on a weekly to monthly basis) on condition that source credit is given to us and our website (with the concrete URL of the corresponding image) in the standard format (© thyssenkrupp AG, immediately adjacent to the image material used.

You are only permitted to edit images insofar as it is technically necessary for the publication (e.g. black-and-white instead of color format in a non-color daily newspaper) and/or you merely proportionally alter the size without cropping, stretching, compressing or otherwise altering or manipulating the image.

All other editing and use is subject to the prior written permission is sufficient of Corporate Center Communications at thyssenkrupp AG.

Immediately after publication of printed media, you must furnish us with a free voucher copy. In the case of films, a digital copy must be supplied in a standard format on a commonly readable medium. In the event of online use of image material, you must inform us of the exact URL of the relevant website and grant us access to the site.