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Engineering & Innovation

Over Steel and Stone: Hiking Season in Bavaria

Many natural phenomena are only accessible thanks to the highest engineering skills. One example is the Höllentalklamm, which can be visited again thanks to a steel bridge from thyssenkrupp.

Modular Research Platform: From good to even better

thyssenkrupp's valuable tool Modular Research Platform (MRP) experiences a directed progression.

Smart Helmet Display: a trip computer for a motorcycle helmet

What motorbikes lack, thought 18-year-old Johannes Lodahl, is the kind of trip computer that is standard in cars. So without further ado he set about developing a system of his own. With the support of thyssenkrupp, he created the “Smart Helmet Display” – a trip computer for motorcycle helmets.

Driving the digital transformation

Tobias Eckhoff's goal: making work easier for his colleagues through jointly developed digital solutions.

TUM Boring – A tunnel for Musk

Beat The Snail – That is Elon Musk's challenge. 60 TU Munich students are willing to accept it.

Slewing Bearings in Tunnel Boring Machines – Keeping the World Turning

Slewing bearings are used in machines where movement and drive need to interact – for example, in the construction of tunnels.

Underground giants: our six most impressive tunnel systems

Underground streets, train connections and metro lines – gigantic tunnels have to be built for that. Worldwide, tunnel boring machines equipped with thyssenkrupp rothe erde® high-performance components come into action.

A European journey weighing several tons: From the blank to the large-diameter antifriction bearing

It's a long way from a solid piece of steel to a fully functional slewing bearing. Because the production journey begins with a cylindrical steel strand and finally ends at thyssenkrupp rothe erde as a ready-to-use centerpiece of various applications.

Silence as strength: Magnetic bearings for computed tomography

The background noise of a computed tomography is often unpleasant. A new magnetic bearing provides relief.

Innovation in deep-sea fishing

With oXeanpedia we make a small contribution to minimize the impact of fishing on the ecology of the oceans.

The path of green hydrogen

The light H2 molecule could become the key to a successful energy transition. If it is "green".

The submarine revolution

The new lithium-ion battery system can take technology under water to a new level.

Company in transformation

Chief Transformation Officer Ilse Henne talks about the opportunities that come with change.

When a material dream comes true

A startup at thyssenkrupp makes motorcycle fans happy: finally carbon rims with road approval.

International cooperation at thyssenkrupp rothe erde2

Using the advantages of a manufacturing alliance in a global organization: an example from wind energy.

Dream job in the desert

The Yamama cement plant - seen through the eyes of Antony Maria John, Civil Quality Control Engineer.

Worldwide location communication via Smart Glasses

Digital dialog instead of analog business travel: Smart Glasses improve processes and save time and money.

smartform® – enormous potential for cost reduction of complex components

The two-stage deep drawing process enables cost savings between 10 and 15 percent per manufactured part.

Submarine components from 3D printers go into series production

Additive manufacturing bridges the limits of conventional processes. Entire process steps can be eliminated.

Automation in car body construction

In Mühlacker, car body manufacturing takes place in a fully automated production line with up to 220 robots.

Carbon2Chem: when emissions become valuable substances

With our innovative technology Carbon2Chem we convert climate-damaging CO2 into valuable raw materials.

A bodyguard made of steel

In an emergency, the selectrify® battery housing from thyssenkrupp Steel provides vital minutes.