Automotive & New Mobility

Innovative valve lift adjustment optimizes hybrid drives

The innovative valve lift adjustment system – or how we call it: the Presta Sequential SlideCam System - makes combustion engines more economical and future-proof.

High expectations: Himalaya project of thyssenkrupp Steering in China

With the successful implementation of its “Himalaya” line of electrically adjustable steering columns, thyssenkrupp is setting new standards.

Innovative damping systems: How we rethink driving comfort

Hilly, smooth, curvy - with the innovative damping system, the vehicle adapts optimally to the driving situation.

Artificial neural networks for quieter steering gears

Draw conclusions faster about the quality of steering gears - with the help of artificial intelligence.

When a material dream comes true

A startup at thyssenkrupp makes motorcycle fans happy: finally carbon rims with road approval.

A common language: How IoT revolutionizes production in the automotive sector

With the help of innovative technologies, we are preparing the automotive sector for a digitalized and agile future for example at our BILSTEIN plant in Hamilton, Ohio. The complex facility for shock absorbers is the perfect test environment for a central IoT solution: Our Connected Factory.

carValoo – the AI for more transparency when it comes to car sharing

carValoo analyses rental cars and used vehicles and thus protects customers from hidden damage and tricks.

smartform® – enormous potential for cost reduction of complex components

The two-stage deep drawing process enables cost savings between 10 and 15 percent per manufactured part.

#roadtripsweden: The steersman for the future of driving

On their road trip to Sweden, our experts test their high-tech components under extreme conditions.

BILSTEIN at the Nürburgring: Legends never give up

In 2018 thyssenkrupp returns to the Nürburgring as a challenger: THE LEGEND STRIKES BACK.

Future-oriented development for the automotive industry with the Modular Research Platform

Traditional vehicle development methods are often too time-consuming. Our MRP provides a solution.

A bodyguard made of steel

In an emergency, the selectrify® battery housing from thyssenkrupp Steel provides vital minutes.