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How our shock absorber technologies make suspensions even better

Benchmark test: It is a conflict of goals that was considered insoluble just a few years ago, especially for vehicles in the luxury class...

Steer-by-wire: thyssenkrupp steers innovative path in development

Steer-by-wire is on the verge of a breakthrough in production vehicles. In terms of its impact and the possibilities it opens up, the innovative technology can be described as nothing short of revolutionary. All the more so because thyssenkrupp has opted for a unique development approach.

carValoo – the StartUp that is shaking up the industry

A story that you usually only read about startups in Silicon Valley - a brilliant business idea that sounds like science fiction as "X-ray glasses for cars" and a young, dynamic team of digital experts

Evolution of performance

The new aftermarket coilover suspension systems by BILSTEIN: With the new EVO Performance Line the Ennepetal-based company has expanded its high-performance range of coilover suspension systems for the aftermarket.

Innovative valve lift adjustment optimizes hybrid drives

The innovative valve lift adjustment system – or how we call it: the Presta Sequential SlideCam System - makes combustion engines more economical and future-proof.

A common language: How IoT revolutionizes production in the automotive sector

With the help of innovative technologies, we are preparing the automotive sector for a digitalized and agile future for example at our BILSTEIN plant in Hamilton, Ohio. The complex facility for shock absorbers is the perfect test environment for a central IoT solution: Our Connected Factory.

carValoo – the AI for more transparency when it comes to car sharing

carValoo analyses rental cars and used vehicles and thus protects customers from hidden damage and tricks.

Future-oriented development for the automotive industry with the Modular Research Platform

Traditional vehicle development methods are often too time-consuming. Our MRP provides a solution.

#roadtripsweden: The steersman for the future of driving

On their road trip to Sweden, our experts test their high-tech components under extreme conditions.

BILSTEIN at the Nürburgring: Legends never give up

In 2018 thyssenkrupp returns to the Nürburgring as a challenger: THE LEGEND STRIKES BACK.

A bodyguard made of steel

In an emergency, the selectrify® battery housing from thyssenkrupp Steel provides vital minutes.

smartform® – enormous potential for cost reduction of complex components

The two-stage deep drawing process enables cost savings between 10 and 15 percent per manufactured part.

High expectations: Himalaya project of thyssenkrupp Steering in China

With the successful implementation of its “Himalaya” line of electrically adjustable steering columns, thyssenkrupp is setting new standards.

Innovative damping systems: How we rethink driving comfort

Hilly, smooth, curvy - with the innovative damping system, the vehicle adapts optimally to the driving situation.

Artificial neural networks for quieter steering gears

Draw conclusions faster about the quality of steering gears - with the help of artificial intelligence.

When a material dream comes true

A startup at thyssenkrupp makes motorcycle fans happy: finally carbon rims with road approval.