Sustainability & Climate Protection

Part of the climate-neutral steel production team

Introducing Najat Aya. An engineer working on the future of steel production.

Three technologies for a successful energy turnaround

Before we can look back on a successful energy turnaround, there are still some challenges to be mastered.

Food waste: the pressure is on

In Germany, a whopping 55 kilograms of food per person end up in the garbage can instead of on the table every year.

Innovation in deep-sea fishing

With oXeanpedia we make a small contribution to minimize the impact of fishing on the ecology of the oceans.

The path of green hydrogen

The light H2 molecule could become the key to a successful energy transition. If it is "green".

Renewable energies as an enabler

We are already working on promising technologies to make steel production sustainable.

Recycling in an endless loop

Tinplate cans are one of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials of all.

#climateneutral: National hydrogen strategy – not a journey to tackle alone

The national hydrogen strategy is to establish hydrogen as an energy carrier. Here are the most important facts.

Carbon2Chem: when emissions become valuable substances

With our innovative technology Carbon2Chem we convert climate-damaging CO2 into valuable raw materials.