Höllentalklamm, Gorge, Zugspitze, Zugspitzemassiv, Steel Bridge, Grainau

After a year marked by COVID, many people are rediscovering the joy of hiking. It seems to be a suitable post-pandemic vacation activity far away from crowded tourist hotspots. Its rocky summits and alpine meadows make Bavaria the perfect destination.

The Höllentalklamm is a gorge and part of the Zugspitze massive in Grainau, Bavaria. The Zugspitze is Germany's highest summit at 2.962 meters altitude. On their way to the snowy peak, walkers, hikers, and mountaineers, who cross the Höllentalklamm can admire an extraordinary scenery of rocky gorges, stone formations, and waterfalls – thanks to the “Bogenbrücke” (arch bridge), which was built using seven tons of steel provided by thyssenkrupp.

The Höllentalklamm – cool breezes and rocky paths

Before entering the Höllentalklamm, the Hammersbach is a rather quiet river, but it has fought its way through the rough and rocky landscape, creating a gorge. Here the river becomes a raging stream that cascades down the rocks in several waterfalls: a force of nature, creating a breath-taking sight!

Höllentalklamm, Gorge, Zugspitze, Zugspitzemassiv, Bogenbrücke, Grainau, steel bridge

Workers of thyssenkrupp and Züblin gaining an overview

However, the path through the Höllentalklamm with the arch-bridge built with material by thyssenkrupp leading up to the very summit of the Zugspitze is not to be underestimated. Surefooted hiking boots suitable for alpine terrain are a definite must! As well as rainproof clothing! Due to the many waterfalls, it is quite chilly in the gorge even during hot summers.

Nevertheless, the Höllentalklamm with its Bogenbrücke is always worth a trip. Also for shorter hikes; it provides a view into 150-meter-deep gorges crossed by waterfalls. Here you can watch and listen to the power of the water while the humid air whistles through your face – just like 100 years ago.

Höllentalklamm, gorge, Zugspitze, Bogenbrücke, steel, steel bridge

The new bridge is being built.

Engineering makes nature perceptible

After all, the first arch bridge was built over 115 years ago and was already considered a symbol of engineering skills and pioneering spirit back then. The new bridge with a span of seven meters remains true to this tradition. For the construction of the new bridge and the securing of the walkway, thyssenkrupp Schulte, together with the construction company Züblin, used almost seven tons of steel as part of a sponsorship.

In such a harsh and humid mountain environment, particularly high demands are placed on the quality of the material. No compromises are allowed in terms of weather resistance and load-bearing capacity; after all, the safety of tens of thousands of visitors must be guaranteed every year. The steel processed and provided by thyssenkrupp Schulte and Züblin for optimum corrosion protection was flown by helicopter to Germany's highest construction site and is now used in girders, web plates, posts, and handrails.

Nature – History – Innovation

Often the most impressive views are in the most remote places. Making them safely accessible to people requires high-quality materials, the best engineers, and technological innovation. The Höllentalklamm is a place where the forces of nature meet history and technological progress. Thanks to steel supplied by thyssenkrupp, 115 years after the first Bogenbrücke was built, the hiking trail is still a destination with breath-taking views for nature-loving and curious walkers, hikers, and tourists, making it a unique vacation experience.