Christopher Chaßeur is positive about the future of the Homburg site. He is convinced of the investment in the new forging line and sees it as groundbreaking.

Looking to the future

A look back shows that the investment in the Homburg forging line was a complete success. And looking ahead? Christopher Chaßeur and his colleagues want to ramp up production further in the course of the year. To this end, they have advertised open positions, for example as mechatronics engineers, electronics engineers and industrial mechanics. Soon, the production line will even be expanded. A paint shop will be added.

Christopher Chaßeur is certain: with the establishment of PL20, nothing stands in the way of a further focus on chassis components – and thus a stronger orientation toward alternative drives such as electromobility. "For me, the PL20 is groundbreaking. I am convinced that our site will continue to expand in the future and that we will survive by investing in more products that are independent of the combustion engine."