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With Digital Commerce fit for the future

Bernadette Beck, Head of Digital Commerce at thyssenkrupp Materials Services, on the digital transformation of materials trading.

Next level: The digitization of production processes at thyssenkrupp Steering

In an increasingly digitized world, customer requirements are steadily becoming more demanding, also in the automotive industry. thyssenkrupp Steering has been ready for it for a while now.

From administration to production: Digitize communication with Microsoft 365

Laura Kreienkamp and Franziska Sellner are part of the Digital Solutions department at thyssenkrupp Steel and are shaping and managing an improved productivity in all areas.

How artificial intelligence is making our logistics fit for the future

Christian Jabs works in sales & supply chain management at thyssenkrupp Materials Services. With the expansion of the new solution pacemaker®, he ensures efficient and green supply chains. For our #DigiJob series, he explained to us what the logistics of tomorrow will look like thanks to digital innovations.

A driverless future

mobility of the future | We develop new steering solutions for autonomous vehicles

Digitalization in the manufacturing SME sector

To keep the hurdle of digitization as low as possible for manufacturing SMEs, digital solutions must be flexible and easy to implement in existing, individual machinery.

Hunters of the hidden data treasure – the DTO

Learn more about how our value chains and productions are improved by the digital expertise of our colleagues from the DTO.

What data analytics has to do with service

Data analytics is not a brand-new topic. On the contrary: For Sebastian Klemm of thyssenkrupp Material Services, expertise in data analysis and machine learning are simply part of the portfolio of industrial companies that want to be competitive today.

Driving the digital transformation

Tobias Eckhoff's goal: making work easier for his colleagues through jointly developed digital solutions.

Green supply chains: Saving CO2 with digitization

The experts from thyssenkrupp Materials Services show how they make supply chains as green and efficient as possible.

“It’s a bit like Lego”: Edgar Tan is fascinated by additive manufacturing

Edgar Tan has a passion for engineering, is excited about the possibilities of additive manufacturing and has been supporting thyssenkrupp Innovations in Singapore in the development of new production processes.

Digitization in the here and now with Dr. Sophie Wei

Intelligent technologies are increasingly smiling at us from futuristic images as a vision of tomorrow. Yet the current use of data analytics and artificial intelligence is already in full swing today and is anything but old news.

State-of-the-art collaboration in the cloud: digitized office structure at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

Employees like Laura Kreienkamp make sure that everything runs smoothly not only in times of homeoffice.

What active listening has to do with digital transformation

The easy supply app by thyssenkrupp Materials Services: Successfully developed together with customers.

How professional diversity inspires innovative ideas

The TechCenter Control Technology in Munich is the birthplace of innovative digital solutions. What is being developed here makes use of numerous elements of digitalization

TechCenter Additive Manufacturing: New opportunities for industries

Digitalisation and industry 4.0 | future of production | innovation | trends of technology | The market for private and semi-professional 3D printers is booming. Now, the new revolutionary processes are also conquering industrial production, under the term "Additive Manufacturing". But what is essential when printing highly sensitive components for industrial machines – instead of action figures? We asked someone who knows: Andreas Stapelmann, Head of the thyssenkrupp TechCenter Additive Manufacturing in Mülheim, Germany.

The Top Tech Trends 2020: From Automation to Human Augmentation

These are the Industry 4.0 top tech trends for 2020 - and how thyssenkrupp is already using them.

International teamwork for an enhanced performance

To be able to work successfully on an international level, intercultural competence is of the essence.

Artificial neural networks for quieter steering gears

Draw conclusions faster about the quality of steering gears - with the help of artificial intelligence.

Automation in car body construction

In Mühlacker, car body manufacturing takes place in a fully automated production line with up to 220 robots.

“BIM” – When data points the way to the future

"Building Information Modeling" offers full transparency of project information - with 3D visualizations.

Submarine components from 3D printers go into series production

Additive manufacturing bridges the limits of conventional processes. Entire process steps can be eliminated.

Worldwide location communication via Smart Glasses

Digital dialog instead of analog business travel: Smart Glasses improve processes and save time and money.

International cooperation at thyssenkrupp rothe erde2

Using the advantages of a manufacturing alliance in a global organization: an example from wind energy.