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People & Culture

Racing to the finish line at 140 kph: Develop the stars of tomorrow with us

This year's luge World Cup is already drawing to a close and the Winter Games in Beijing, China are just around the corner. The German luge team Toni Eggert and Sascha Benecken - famous for top performances in the ice track - will be there!

Online Metals: Innovation –just a click away

Together with its 100 employees, thyssenkrupp's digital materials retailer Online Metals is constantly evolving and remains competitive thanks to new technologies and innovations. For our #DigiJobs series, the company's president, Greg Raece, tells us what makes the online store so innovative and sustainable.

Balancing act between family and leadership position

Group Leader Requirement Management Dorotea Agoston appreciates especially the great teamwork.

Natural disasters put everything into perspective: thyssenkrupp's volunteers talk about helping the flood victims in the Ahr valley.

#DigiJobs: András Csaba engineers the future of autonomous driving

András Csaba is Functional Project Leader in Research and Advanced Development at the Steering business unit of thyssenkrupp in Hungary. He is responsible for advancing Vehicle Motion Control Systems – digitizing cars and making automated driving a reality.

Maritime fascination in Kiel

At thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, Hendrik Wehner can live out his fascination for shipbuilding.

“Diversity is the key to success”

With her gift for languages Isabel Valles works as Head of Internal Audit at thyssenkrupp AG segments Automotive and Corporate.

Overcoming challenges with openness and honesty

As a manager at damper specialists thyssenkrupp Bilstein power woman Emilia Soppa-Sánchez is responsible for marketing OE replacement parts, while her family and friends were convinced she didn’t stand a chance with her application.

Part-time job, full-fledged team member

In this interview Alexandra Krieger tells us what she does at thyssenkrupp and how she balances family and career.

Driving new ideas and innovations

As a process engineer, Volker Kempe is responsible for optimizing assembly line processes in Mülheim.

thyssenkrupp x TUM Boring: Faster than a snail

THe TUM Boring's success story and how thyssenkrupp rothe erde helpe with it.

From Greece to Germany for a technical apprenticeship

In order to do her apprenticeship as a construction mechanic at thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, Georgia Skaltsa left her home in Greece.

University meets industry: Shaping the future together

TU Munich students want to revolutionize tunneling with the help of the industry.

A spotless career: international challenge in stainless steel purchasing

Maciej Kowalski is in charge of stainless steel procurement as Head of Categorie Stainless Steel at thyssenkrupp Schulte.

Smart Helmet Display: a trip computer for a motorcycle helmet

What motorbikes lack, thought 18-year-old Johannes Lodahl, is the kind of trip computer that is standard in cars. So without further ado he set about developing a system of his own. With the support of thyssenkrupp, he created the “Smart Helmet Display” – a trip computer for motorcycle helmets.

Globetrotter whose home is in auditing

Marcel Schmidt's career at thyssenkrupp and how he is responsible for all auditing activities in the Materials Services segment as an Audit Manager.

Driving the digital transformation

Tobias Eckhoff's goal: making work easier for his colleagues through jointly developed digital solutions.

TUM Boring – A tunnel for Musk

Beat The Snail – That is Elon Musk's challenge. 60 TU Munich students are willing to accept it.

Lean & Agile double agent

Working on new ways of working. In the drive to become faster, more independent, more productive, Iryna Zimmermann sets a good example. Her specialty? Lean & Agile Management. As well as coordinating the corresponding initiative at thyssenkrupp in Mülheim, she also promotes innovative change in her role as SAP adviser

Reducing waste – increasing sustainability together

How can waste in production be reduced or – even better – prevented? Read on to find out more about the tools Cornelia Spanka uses in her work and why she thinks thyssenkrupp is underrated.

How authentic representation strengthens a true sense of belonging

Belonging is a fundamental human need that we all share - regardless of sexual orientation, gender, religion, or origin. Realistic representation and participation in society, business, politics, and the media play a significant role in creating a sense of true belonging.

Responsibility early on

Seize every opportunity: That’s Peter Beckers’ way of thinking. After almost six years with thyssenkrupp he’s already in his third role and has always kept his eyes firmly forward.

Always had an attachment to thyssenkrupp

From apprentice to head of department: André Mense has mastered many roles at thyssenkrupp. As a true Westphalian, he has always had an attachment to thyssenkrupp - whether in Beckum, Essen or Krefeld. He has been part of #GENERATIONTK for 20 years – a proud anniversary.

If you’re prepared to tackle the issues, you can help shape change

“Man of Steel” are the words written on his forearm. And they are very appropriate as Jürgen Schaab has been a thyssenkrupp Steel man through and through for more than 30 years.