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Investor Relations

Key Figures

thyssenkrupp key figures: €1,722M adjusted EBIT
thyssenkrupp key figures: €930M savings
thyssenkrupp key figures: €271M consolidated net income

Our IR Commitment

we are thyssenkrupp Investor Relations

We work together with our (potential) shareholders and analysts, and with our colleagues from the Corporate Functions and business areas to optimize the way the Strategic Way Forward is perceived on the international capital markets.

The value potential of thyssenkrupp’s Strategic Way Forward and financial perspectives should be reflected appropriately in the valuation of thyssenkrupp’s stock and in a supportive investor environment.

We raise the profile and appeal of thyssenkrupp’s stock.

We know and understand our target groups. We identify and address (potential) shareholders and analysts who match the investment case in the short and long term. For this we create a tailored marketing program and involve the leadership teams from the Group and business areas efficiently in its preparation.

In ongoing dialogue with our target groups we proactively communicate valuation-relevant information.

We explain the interests of our (potential) shareholders in the company. We describe the dynamics of the capital market and the valuation of our company.

we hold ourselves to the highest standards

As a team we aim to be best in class. Our range of competencies is diverse and interdisciplinary.

In competing internationally for equity and attention, we win over investors and analysts with our concise equity story, integrated competencies and authentic image. We reduce complexity, uncertainty, inconsistencies, surprises and the associated perceived risk and volatility.

Dialogue with (potential) shareholders and analysts and Groupwide collaboration with colleagues demands precision, clarity and relevance. We work to key indicators and models.

We regularly review our value chain – research, analyze, prepare, market – for materiality and efficiency. We act promptly and set priorities.

We meet the obligations arising from our stock exchange listing in full.

we share common values

We work together in a spirit of partnership, sharing knowledge and information, and can rely on each other. We handle sensitive information and financial resources responsibly.

We actively support culture change in the Group.

Mutual appreciation, open exchange, respect and honest feedback are a matter of course for us.

We work together in a network and in a spirit of trust with our colleagues from the business areas, Corporate Functions and regions, and with our (potential) shareholders and analysts.

We accept criticism and comply with rules and agreements.

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