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Our contribution to the Green Deal

Our contribution to the Green Deal

Güllü Beydilli

The Green Deal is intended to make Europe climate-neutral and fit for a sustainable future by the middle of the century. The forward-looking concept includes measures, targets and guidelines for European industry. We put ourselves to the test and looked at which components of the Green Deal thyssenkrupp is already fulfilling.

How thyssenkrupp is making an active contribution to the Green Deal

Among other things, the Green Deal identifies various areas in all sectors of the economy that must actively contribute to achieving the common goal of a successful energy transition. For example, by developing environmentally friendly technologies, creating climate-neutral industry and sustainable transport, and preventing pollution. This is how we make our contribution to a climate-neutral Europe:

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Investments in sustainable technologies:

With our Carbon2Chem project we convert emissions from steel production into valuable chemical feedstocks. The CO2 is recycled and used instead of being released into the atmosphere.

Climate neutral steel production at thyssenkrupp

Driving innovation in the industry:

In 2024 we will start up the first direct reduction plant. Steel production based on green hydrogen and renewable energies, is a central step for the decarbonization of industry.

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Making mobility sustainable:

With innovative solutions for electromobility, we increase the safety of electric cars. With selectrify, our ultra-light steel battery housing, we combine lightweight construction, safety and fire protection.

Decarbonization of the energy sector

Decarbonization of the energy sector:

In cooperation with energy companies like E.ON and STEAG, we bring green electricity to the electricity market: To this end, we qualified our water electrolysis plants for the balancing energy market last year.


Whether as a supplier of multi-megawatt electrolysis plants for the production of green hydrogen, as a component manufacturer for renewable energy plants, or through the avoidance and use of CO2 emissions in steel production: We have our sights firmly set on our goal of being climate-neutral by 2050 and are proud to be making an active contribution to achieving the Green Deal in Europe. Read more about sustainability and climate-friendly production at thyssenkrupp in our stories.