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Changing more than just processes

Let’s move towards change together: Nadine El Sabeh works in the Operational Performance unit at thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology. It’s her job to closely examine the various processes at the production facilities of the Automotive segment. Her secret formula? Definitely teamwork! This collaborative approach is key to the success of Nadine’s work. In this interview she tells us about the positive changes and potential she sees at thyssenkrupp.


What are you changing at thyssenkrupp?

Processes – to make production at our Automotive locations more efficient. But most of all I enjoy facilitating change by bringing together colleagues from different segments and locations so that they can enter into a targeted dialogue and network with each other. So I have a coordinating role in bringing people together.   

The aim is to enhance the entire value chain at Automotive so as to generate synergies. In other words: we share the ideas and solutions of individual units to enable other units to benefit from their findings and knowledge. So the plan is to learn from and with each other. And we can only ensure real change together if we share our ideas. It’s precisely this collaborative teamwork that drives me on.


How important is this collaborative approach in your day-to-day work?

We always focus on addressing issues together. It’s important to me that we tackle the challenges as a team. If you try to go it alone the project is usually doomed to failure from the outset. I see again and again how important it is to get everyone involved, above all the employees in the plants who work directly on the lines. At the end of the day they are the ones most affected by any potential process changes in production. Colleagues are also much more likely to accept changes when they can get involved and see at an early stage how much they will benefit from them. If you communicate openly with each other and work together as a team, you’re already halfway there when it comes to successfully implementing process optimizations.

How do you view the current changes at thyssenkrupp?

Positively. Obviously change always requires a great deal of effort, but I also see huge opportunities to play a role in shaping it. Every employee can make a contribution by getting involved, putting forward ideas and thus assuming more responsibility. We work with colleagues in the individual business units on a daily basis to optimize processes and ultimately make work easier. And above all we want to become more efficient. That’s hard work and challenging for sure but we know why we’re doing it and never lose sight of the goal: continuous improvement and innovative solutions. We also want to remain competitive and stand out even more positively in the future. To ensure we succeed in this we regularly review whether our projects are bearing fruit. The processes and optimizations need to be implemented sustainably, not just for short-term gains, so we monitor them very closely to check whether what we planned and expected is actually happening. Monitoring in this way helps us identify our strengths and weaknesses, and we can then use the knowledge and experience we have gained in further projects.


Where do you feel thyssenkrupp is frequently underestimated? What potential do we have?

Overall thyssenkrupp has huge potential. I’ve already met so many really good and dedicated employees with great ideas and solutions. Colleagues are working on fascinating and above all innovative topics. I think a lot of people out there have no idea about all the things we do and all the places you can find our products. Whether as an assembly service provider for axle systems, steering systems or BILSTEIN dampers. Our components can be found in nine out of ten premium vehicles. Another impressive example is the start-up “carValoo”. Here colleagues have developed a system that uses artificial intelligence to inspect the condition of vehicles – for example whether a car has been involved in an accident or subjected to severe shocks. thyssenkrupp is all that and more. We have a vast product and service range, not just in Automotive but also in lots of other segments. We are definitely not a company stuck in its ways – we’re open to change. We will continue to go through hard times together but as #GENERATIONTK we will also start new, positive chapters.