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A driverless future

mobility of the future | We develop new steering solutions for autonomous vehicles

A driverless car moves smoothly through the evening rush hour traffic. Its occupants are relaxed. They’re checking their email, listening to music, or catching up on their favorite television shows. It sounds like science fiction, but for lots of companies – not just in the auto industry – it will soon be reality: the dream of autonomous driving. Already today, assistance systems increasingly support the performance of driving tasks. They park our cars for us, keep us a safe distance from the vehicle in front, or change lanes automatically. According to many experts, just a few years from now we’ll be able to rely entirely on autonomous systems to drive along certain stretches of highway or maneuver into parking spaces.

thyssenkrupp’s steering specialists are investigating how cars using data from cameras and radar devices in place of drivers can be made safe. Our software engineers are working on a solution and have already tested experimental vehicles under real conditions on a test track. For our customers and the future of mobility.