thyssenkrupp in figures

The fiscal year commences on October 1 and ends on September 30.

Full group
2019/20202020/2021ChangeChange in %
Order intakemillion €34,89139,5714,68013
Net salesmillion €35,44334,015(1,427)(4)
EBITDAmillion €14,7241,416(13,309)(90)
EBIT 2)million €10,475451(10,024)(96)
EBIT margin%29.61.3(28.2)(96)
Adjusted EBIT 2)million €(1,039)7961,836++
Adjusted EBIT margin%(2.9)2.35.3++
Income/(loss) before taxmillion €10,11295(10,017)(99)
Net income/(loss) or earnings after taxmillion €9,592(25)(9,617)--
attributable to thyssenkrupp AG’s shareholdersmillion €9,585(115)(9,699)--
Earnings per share (EPS)15.40(0.18)(15.58)--
Operating cash flowmillion €(3,326)923,418++
Cash flow for investmentsmillion €(2,352)(1,485)86737
Cash flow from divestmentsmillion €14,766975(13,791)(93)
Free cash flow 3)million €9,088(418)(9,506)--
Free cash flow before M & A 3)million €(4,835)(1,273)3,56274
Net financial debt (September 30) inmillion €(5,053)(3,586)1,46729
Total equity (September 30)million €10,17410,8456717
Gearing (September 30)%4)4)
thyssenkrupp Value Addedmillion €9,073(622)(9,695)--
Dividend per share
Dividend payoutmillion €
Employees (Sept. 30)103,598101,275(2,323)(2)

1) See preliminary remarks.
2) See reconciliation in segment reporting (Note 24).
3) See reconciliation in the analysis of the statement of cash flows.
4) Due to the strongly positive total equity and reported net financial assets, the significance of the gearing key ratio is of no relevance.