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Corporate governance declaration 2012/2013

The term corporate governance stands for responsible corporate management and control geared to long-term value creation. As a key foundation of sustainable business success, good corporate governance promotes the trust of investors, customers, employees and the public. The Executive Board and Supervisory Board are committed to securing the future of the Company and sustainable value growth through responsible governance geared to the long term.

In addition to the corporate governance declaration below, more information on corporate governance at thyssenkrupp is provided in the Corporate Governance Report for the 2012/2013 fiscal year.

thyssenkrupp AG has issued the following corporate governance declaration pursuant to § 289a German Commercial Code (HGB) which is part of its management report for the 2012/2013 fiscal year.

How the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board operate

The Executive Board and Supervisory Board work together closely in the interest of the Company. An intensive, continuous dialogue between the two boards is the basis for efficient corporate management. Their common goal is to ensure the continued existence of the Company and the sustainable creation of value. In accordance with the statutory requirements for a German stock corporation, thyssenkrupp AG has a two-tier governance system characterized by a separation of personnel between management and supervisory boards.

Declaration of Conformity in accordance with Art. 161 of the Stock Corporation Act (AktG)

Declaration of Conformity as of October 01, 2013

Declaration of Conformity as of October 01, 2013


§ 161 of the Stock Corporation Act (AktG) requires the executive board and supervisory board of a listed German stock corporation to declare at least once a year whether the German Corporate Governance Code has been and is being complied with, or which of the Code's recommendations have not been or are not being applied and why not. On the basis of intensive discussions the Executive Board and Supervisory Board issued the following Declaration of Conformity pursuant to § 161 subsection 1 AktG at October 01, 2013:

Detailed information on this topic is also available in our Corporate Governance Report and in the Corporate Governance section on this website. The current Declaration of Conformity and the declarations of conformity of previous years are also accessible here.

Key corporate governance practices