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Report by the Supervisory Board

Dear Shareholders!

Before informing you about the work of the Supervisory Board and its committees in fiscal year 2017 / 2018, allow me to make one or two remarks on the past fiscal year: losing the chairman of the Executive Board and the chairman of the Supervisory Board within a short space of time were major events which we members of the Supervisory Board very much regret. In our responsibility for the Company and its employees, however, we now turn our attention to the future. On June 29, 2018 we decided to form a joint venture with Tata Steel for the steel business. In addition, on September 30, 2018 the Executive Board and Supervisory Board decided to separate thyssenkrupp into two new companies. We will now take this path together. The realignment makes economic sense and is borne out of responsibility to the Company, its employees and all its shareholders.

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Source: Annual Report 2015/2016, p. 12-18