Compatibility of career and family

Compatibility of career and family

Work is a big part of our lives. At the same time, we must not forget the other part. A healthy balance between work and private life is important to us. That's why work-life balance is an integral part of our diversity management.

Flexible working time models and hybrid working in particular are playing an increasingly important role here. Currently, we are increasingly switching to hybrid working wherever this is possible from an operational perspective: Working at home, on the move or in the office is becoming an integral part of flexible employment and working time models at thyssenkrupp (as part-time training, for example also). In 2021, thyssenkrupp already defined mobile and flexible working in the "Agenda for Hybrid Working". The guidelines described there are being developed and implemented locally.

When it comes to childcare, we support our employees with a wide range of services, e.g. professional support free of charge to help them find suitable daycare places or arrange childminders, "surrogate grandparents" or babysitters and au pairs/spare tutors. Vacation care programs are also included. In addition, the thyssenkrupp company childcare centers "Miniapolis" in Essen & "Stahlsternchen" in Duisburg offer year-round care for children from the age of four months until they start school.

In the Corona pandemic, our free homework and tutoring services have been and continue to be increasingly used, which can be an important help, especially in times of simultaneous home office and home schooling.

In addition to childcare, we also offer our colleagues help in other challenging life situations, such as caring for family members or in times of psychosocial crisis.

Fostering people with disabilities

Fostering people with disabilities

In 2015 thyssenkrupp made an explicit commitment to the inclusion of people with disabilities in a declaration and sees this as a special corporate obligation. The aim is to make it easier for people with disabilities to join thyssenkrupp and to support them so that all people can participate and belong in society on an equal footing. Around 3,287 people with disabilities currently work at the Group's German companies (as of 12/2021).

Throughout the company, severely disabled employees are supported by an elected representative who - together with the works council and the employer's inclusion officer - ensures that full use is made of employment opportunities for severely disabled colleagues in line with their abilities and disabilities, as well as providing assistance in contact with the authorities, for example.

For the third time the thyssenkrupp internal "WIR für Inklusion (WE for inclusion)" award was also presented to recognize outstanding project work. This is not just about major workplace conversions (such as special lifting aids, work aids or a special glare shield). Small and special solutions for individual employees are also in demand.

The award-winning projects often address current social challenges, such as the additional provision of training places for young refugees or measures in the context of the Corona pandemic.

LGBT+ @ thyssenkrupp

LGBTQIA @ thyssenkrupp

thyssenkrupp's claim is clear: We want to create a working environment in which all employees are treated equally - regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. No one should have to hide these for fear of reactions in the workplace. Because only those who are not busy hiding them feel comfortable and can develop their full potential.

Since 2016, a network of now around 100 employees has been campaigning for the interests of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, queer, intersexual and asexual people at thyssenkrupp. The members provide education, raise awareness of the LGBT+ issue, reduce prejudice and create tolerance. But they are not alone in these efforts. Oliver Burkhard, CHRO at thyssenkrupp, is involved as patron of the network. The network actively supportsthe Human Resources Management and especially Diversity & Inclusiveness department with its expertise and resources, e.g. in adapting HR processes, preparation of a "Gender Transition Guide” or training courses, but also in organizing events such as thyssenkrupp's participation in Christopher Street Day.

In the meantime, an LGBT+ network has also been established at thyssenkrupp Steel, which focuses in particular on industrial employees and plans and carries out joint activities in cooperation with the existing thyssenkrupp LGBT+ network.

In addition to our internal efforts, we also clearly position ourselves externally. For example, thyssenkrupp joined the PROUT AT WORK foundation in 2016 and has been PROUT EMPLOYER ever since.

Senior Experts @ thyssenkrupp

At thyssenkrupp, the experience and expertise of our retired employees is not only valued but also built upon. That's why retired employees can return to work at thyssenkrupp on a temporary basis as Senior Experts GmbH, supporting our businesses with their valuable know-how. Age and experience are a clear added value! As a small element of our HR work, we also want to successfully counter the shortage of skilled labor with older experts. That's why thyssenkrupp is also a member of "Das Demographie Netzwerk e.V. (ddn)".