Compliance program

The thyssenkrupp compliance program comprises the three elements Inform & Advise, Identify, and Report & Act. It is closely interlinked with risk management and with our internal control system. In this way we ensure that compliance is an integral component of every single business process.

The compliance program is focused on antitrust law and corruption prevention. Since 2014, measures relating to money laundering and data protection have additionally been integrated and established as part of the compliance program. In relation to other topic areas – such as occupational safety and environmental protection – the Compliance function has taken on the role of advisor, coordinator, and consolidator. Substantive responsibility in these areas remains with the competent corporate functions and business areas; the Compliance team provides support and advice and ensures uniform reporting to the Executive Board.

Setup and elements of the compliance program

Setup and elements of the compliance program

The three pillars of our compliance program

Inform & Advise


Report & Act