External Reviews: Transparency International

External Reviews

For us as a company, it is particularly important to continuously exchange ideas with external experts. We were one of the first companies in Germany to be certified according to the IDW testing standard PS 980. Those “soundings” are an important tool to re-evaluate and adapt our policies and procedures as well as the whole compliance management system.

IDW PS 980 Assessment, Audit Report KPMG

thyssenkrupp has had its group-wide Compliance Programme under review for the period April to September 2011, audited by KPMG AG in accordance with Audit Standard 980 of the Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer e.V. („IDW“, Institute of Public Auditors in Germany) with regard to antitrust law and anti-corruption.

Beside structure and implementation, the audit focused in particular on the effectiveness of the Compliance Programme, which corresponds to the highest possible audit depth of IDW PS 980.

KPMG confirmed that the thyssenkrupp Compliance Management System was adequately implemented and effective during the period under review. If recommendations for compliance work were made on the basis of the findings made, their implementation will be reviewed.

  • Audit report

    Audit report (abridged) Appropriateness, Implementation and Effectiveness of the Compliance Management System at September 30, 2011 (Only available in German)

Audit report BDO, Voluntary special audit

In 2013, thyssenkrupp had the basic structure of its enhanced internal control system audited by two special auditors, BDO AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft and Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Böcking.

Main points of the audit have been, inter alia, whether the internal control system is appropriate for the prevention of compliance violations, how far certain recommendations have been implemented in the Compliance Management System and whether the investment controlling process for future major investment projects and the related information of the Supervisory Board is appropriate.

As a result, it was established that the systems and processes audited had been intensively further developed and that the concepts and planned measures were target-oriented, particularly in the area of the Compliance-relevant internal control system.

  • report bdo

    Report on the voluntary special audit at thyssenkrupp AG, Essen – November 12, 2013 (Only available in German)

Transparency International Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index

The Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index (DCI), published by Transparency International Defence & Security (TI DS), sets standards for transparency, accountability and anti-corruption programs in the defence sector. By analysing what companies are publicly committing to in terms of their openness, policies and procedures, it seeks to drive reform in the sector, reducing corruption and its impact of the DCI.

After 2012 and 2015, thyssenkrupp has been selected once again for assessment in the 3rd edition of the DCI, the DCI 2019. In the interests of maximum transparency, we have decided to publish the questions as well as our answers from a total of 9 categories that Transparency identified as key areas, where increased transparency and public disclosure of information could reduce corruption risks in the defence industry.