Risk Report


Overall assessment by the Executive Board: thyssenkrupp with opportunities as a diversified industrial group

For thyssenkrupp as a diversified industrial group, considerable opportunities arise from our increasing focus on high-earning capital goods and service businesses, which are less volatile and capital-intensive than our materials businesses. Advantages on the global markets are arising for us and our customers as we concentrate on growth regions and sectors where we make targeted use of our engineering expertise in the areas Mechanical, Plant and Materials.

Significant opportunities also arise after earlier implementation of planned "impact" measures and from profitable growth in the business areas. At the same time major opportunities are opening up as a result of cross-cutting initiatives and the consistent and systematic exploitation of the Group's economies of scope.


Opportunity management process

Strategic opportunities for the Group

Operational opportunities of the business areas


Overall assessment by the Executive Board: Risks at thyssenkrupp further reduced, existence of the Group secured

The Group's risk profile improved further in the reporting year; in particular the sale of Steel Americas led to a significant reduction of tax and operational risks. Transparent and systematic risk management with structured processes ensured overall risks in the Group were efficiently managed.

From the current perspective there are no risks that threaten the Company's ability to continue as a going concern.


Risk strategy and risk policy

Risk management process

Roles and responsibilities

Risk assessment

Risk control

Risk transfer

Internal control system in the Group accounting process

Risk categorization

Risks from external parameters

Macroeconomic risks

Regulatory risks

Financial risks

Default risks

Liquidity risks

Market risks

Currency risks

Interest rate risks

Valuation risks

Risks associated with pension obligations

Legal risks and compliance risks

Litigation risks

Compliance risks

Risks from trade restrictions

Risks from operating activities

Procurement risks

Production risks

Sales risks

Order risks

Risks associated with information security

Personnel risks

Operational risks of the business areas

Source: Annual Report 2016/2017, p. 101-121

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