External Reviews: Transparency International

External Reviews

Leadership does not just rest with the CEO middle management bear the principal burden in terms of setting the tone and culture of the organisation for frontline staff. Effective and ethical supervision at every level of a company is crucial if staff are to have the confidence and support to make ethical decisions, even if it affects the company’s bottom line.

Leadership and Organisational Culture

Does the company have a publicly stated anti-bribery and corruption commitment, which is authorised at the senior level?

Does the company have a comprehensive anti-bribery and corruption policy that explicitly applies to both of the following:

Does the board or a dedicated board committee provide oversight of the company´s anti-bribery and corruption programme?

Is responsibility for implementing and managing the company´s anti-bribery and corruption programme ultimately assigned to a senior executive, and does he or she have a direct reporting line to the board or board committee providing oversight of the company´s programme?