External Reviews: Transparency International

External Reviews

Embedding anti-corruption ethics into the culture of an organisation and integrating compliance into the business model is essential in both practice and law.

Internal Controls

Is the design and implementation of the anti-bribery and corruption programme tailored to the company based on an assessment of the corruption and bribery risks it faces?

Does the company review its anti-bribery and corruption risk assessment procedure and update it when gaps and issues are identified?

Is the company´s anti-bribery and corruption programme subject to regular internal or external audit, and are policies and procedures updated according to edit recommendations?

Does the company have a system for tracking, investigating and responding to bribery and corruption allegations or incidents, including those reported through whistleblowing channels?

Does the company have appropriate arrangements in place to ensure the quality of investigations?

Does the company’s investigative procedure include commitment to report material findings of bribery and corruption to the board and any criminal conduct to the relevant authorities?

Does the company publish high-level results from incident investigations and disciplinary actions against its employees?