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Automotive – innovative mobility solutions

Solutions for the mobility of today and tomorrow

Demands on our means of transport have never been as high as they are today: They should be sustainable, autonomous, connected and at the same time suitable for large-scale use. How can automotive manufacturers meet these expectations and at the same time compete with ever-tougher competition? Questions like these provide daily challenges to our automotive customers and ourselves.

We are already working on the solutions – from high-quality materials for electric vehicles, intelligent steering systems for autonomous driving to digitized assembly lines for highly efficient production processes.

Let's find answers to current and upcoming challenges facing the automotive industry together!

How does thyssenkrupp support the automotive industry?

With our expertise in materials, powertrain, chassis and automotive plant engineering, we want to play a key role in shaping the transformation of the automotive industry. We are at our customers' side when it comes to the major trends of the future: e-mobility, autonomous driving and digital manufacturing.

Dr. Karsten Kroos
CEO thyssenkrupp Automotive Technology
Body - Light is alright.

Body - Light is alright.

Economical lightweight construction and increasing crash safety are the focus of modern vehicle body development. The advantage for our customers: because thyssenkrupp builds tools and assembly lines, and manufactures prototypes that are subjected to extensive testing, our innovative materials and manufacturing technologies are quickly integrated into series production. Besides structural and add-on components, seat components and wheels, we support our customers with the specific material solutions they need – for the conventional drives of today as well as for the electromobility of tomorrow.

Chassis - For us, the chassis is more than the sum of its parts.

Chassis - For us, the chassis is more than the sum of its parts.

Today's mobility places the highest demands on modern chassis technology. We supply solutions that maximize safety, comfort and driving pleasure: From springs and stabilizers, through intelligent steering and damper systems to assembly and logistics services. At the same time, we continue to develop new paths with our customers and develop, for example, “steer-by-wire” systems or predictive, active dampers for more autonomous vehicles. This means that the future essential functions of the car will be seen in a whole new way.

Power train - Our driver is efficiency.

Power train - Our driver is efficiency.

While conventional combustion engines continue to be the dominant form of power, hybrid and pure electric motors are surging forward. We offer solutions for all drive types – ranging from components and modules for highly efficient combustion and hybrid engines and lightweight rotors for electric drives to suitable assembly and test systems. Working with our customers, we are constantly developing our products. Our goal: clever technology for powerful drives with the highest levels of efficiency.

Plant Engineering - A passion for cars.

Plant Engineering - A passion for cars.

As an internationally active system partner of the automotive industry, we offer our customers innovative and sustainable engineering solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies – reliable, flexible and customized. That is why the automotive industry relies on our more than 100 years of excellence and expertise in prototype, toolmaking, bodywork, battery and final assembly as well as test systems, plus automation solutions for electrical storage and drive systems.

Services - The best starting point for efficient processes.

Services - The best starting point for efficient processes.

What matters to our customers is their core business – we take care of everything else: With individual supply chain management services and tailor-made manufacturing solutions we ensure perfect framework conditions and the best base material. Advanced IT solutions take over the intelligent control of the entire process and finishing chain. This ensures that our customers receive the best basis for their product.

We want to support our customers even better in the transformation of their industry - with the specific material solutions for conventional drives of today as well as for the electromobility of tomorrow.

Bernhard Osburg
Chairman of the Executive Board thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

Our future topics

thyssenkrupp e-mobility

E-mobility for all need not be difficult.

Our automotive solutions are easy, safe and economical at the same time – thanks to steel, the most economical lightweight construction material in the world. Steel can be processed using established and safe processes, is 100% recyclable and one of the strongest drivers within the automotive industry. Because load-bearing steel bodies save human lives. Because in the future, no e-car will move an inch without our highly efficient electrical steel. Because we also supply automation solutions for electrical storage and drive systems. And because cost factors are vital in the end.
thyssenkrupp autonome driving

Autonomous driving

Autonomously driven cars will fundamentally change the future of mobility. The driver will soon be able to choose in more and more situations whether they want to steer. As steering experts, we work with our customers to bring autonomous driving safely onto the road. For example, we are developing electrical "steer-by-wire" concepts which allow the steering function to be integrated into totally new vehicle architectures. This allows the driver to actually use the space in front of him/her for different things altogether.
thyssenkrupp Intelligent chassis

Intelligent chassis

As chassis experts, we are working with our customers to integrate the damping function even further into the vehicle's surroundings. These active dampers can anticipate changing driving and terrain conditions. This increases comfort, driving dynamics and safety. In the future, such active damper systems will become more and more important as more of the flowing traffic becomes autonomous, giving passengers who want to work in their car or to surf the Internet a perfect driving experience at all times.
thyssenkrupp future automotive factory

Future automotive factory

As a 360° partner along the entire value chain, the perfect interplay of process, cost and quality is "business-as-usual" for us. In addition to our extensive experience and years of know-how, our global experts from the System Engineering team are driven by their hunger for innovation – from digitized factories through simulations to the interplay between humans and robots. This is how we create tailor-made assembly systems perfectly adapted to the needs of our customers. Cost-effective and with consistent quality at any place in the world.

The skilled and reliable partner of the automotive industry

Bodywork. Chassis. Drive. thyssenkrupp has been a reliable partner of the global automotive industry for over 100 years with its experience in materials, components and systems as well as in plant engineering.

We support our customers with the specific solutions they need – for today's conventional drive as well as for the mobility of tomorrow. Whether electric mobility, lightweight construction, autonomous driving or intelligent chassis: Together with our customers, we find the answer to every challenge – and support them with exactly the solutions they need. We look forward to discussing those exciting topics with you soon.


Get to know our whole product world!

Automotive Technology

Axle assembly

Axle assembly at thyssenkrupp AutomotiveAxle assembly at thyssenkrupp Automotive

At thyssenkrupp we perform axle assembly and logistics services for our customers in the automobile industry. Chassis modules and complete axle systems are produced just-in-time and delivered just-in-sequence according to customers' needs. Our services include module and system assembly and if required quality and supplier management for our customers.


Steering Systems by thyssenkrupp AutomotiveSteering Systems by thyssenkrupp Automotive

Steering technology from thyssenkrupp is fitted in the vehicles of almost all major auto manufacturers. Alongside cold-forged steering components, we produce steering columns as well as complete mechanical, hydraulic and electric steering systems. Our electric power-assisted steering systems help significantly reduce fuel consumption. They are also a prerequisite for systems such as park assist, lane assist, and autonomous driving.


Shock absorbers from thyssenkrupp reduce the vibrations of vehicle springs to provide optimized road contact. As damper specialists, we supply our customers with the right system for every requirement: from conventional monotube/twin-tube shock absorbers to complete air spring systems and adjustable dampers. With our products we serve not only OEMs but also the aftermarket and motorsport sectors.


carValoo by thyssenkruppcarValoo by thyssenkrupp
carValoo offers a cloud-based IoT solution that uses highly sensitive acceleration sensors to detect and communicate operationally relevant events such as damage, misuse and high wear and tear in real time. The condition of the vehicle can thus be viewed by the fleet manager at any time. This ensures increased safety and economic efficiency for vehicle fleets such as car sharing services, rental car companies, logistics service providers, etc.

Camshafts & Electric engine components

Camshafts and electric engine components by thyssenkrupp AutomotiveCamshafts and electric engine components by thyssenkrupp Automotive

thyssenkrupp is the world market leader for assembled camshafts: we count practically all international auto manufacturers among our customers. Our camshafts are essential engine components, ensuring that oxygen is supplied to the combustion process and exhaust gases are removed from the engine block. We also develop cylinder head modules with integrated camshafts, variable valve train systems, and components for electric drives.

Body in White

Body in White solutions from thyssenkrupp Automotive Body SolutionsBody in White solutions from thyssenkrupp Automotive Body Solutions
In terms of body shells our product portfolio covers a broad range of services ranging from joining of individual parts via subassemblies to the assembly of complete car bodies and add-on parts.Our body framing solutions range from single framers for only one model to multi framers for a diversity of vehicle types, while our portfolio also includes highly flexible robot framing systems.


Automotive Dies from thyssenkrupp Automotive Body Solutionsthyssenkrupp Automotive Body Solutions dies are highly valued because we are specialists in exterior shell parts as well as complex structure parts. We are able to produce high quality sheet metal forming dies for car body parts from steel and aluminum materials, as well as from high and extra high strength materials.  We master metal forming in all its facets – from component development and simultaneous engineering to the production of die sets for mass production. Needed forming dies are globally sourced, and our supplier management is primarily reflected in cost savings for our customers.
thyssenkrupp Automotive Body Solutions dies are highly valued because we are specialists in exterior shell parts as well as complex structure parts. We are able to produce high quality sheet metal forming dies for car body parts from steel and aluminum materials, as well as from high and extra high strength materials.We master metal forming in all its facets – from component development and simultaneous engineering to the production of die sets for mass production. Needed forming dies are globally sourced, and our supplier management is primarily reflected in cost savings for our customers.


Prototypes from thyssenkrupp Automotive Body SolutionsPrototypes from thyssenkrupp Automotive Body Solutions
thyssenkrupp Automotive Body Solutions covers the requirements for the entire spectrum of prototype body construction with its about 150 employees and the equipments at its Wadern-Lockweiler location. The entire process chain can be handled or implemented at a single location – from engineering, to forming dies, parts manufacturing, to fixtures and assemblies even the setting up a system as well as retrofitting a system.

Standardized Solutions & Service

Standardized Solutions & Service from thyssenkrupp Automotive Body SolutionsStandardized Solutions & Service from thyssenkrupp Automotive Body Solutions
Many years of experience have produced instruments that have proven themselves in numerous processes and with many partners in the automotive industry. Our solutions become the standard when a conceptual idea has taken shape in completed projects and through constant refinement. Standard solutions must fulfill their specific demands at the highest level while also remaining sufficiently flexible to allow hassle-free integration into our customers' manufacturing environment.

Serial Production

Serial production at thyssenkrupp in MuehlackerSerial production at thyssenkrupp in Muehlacker
In the area of serial production, our customers will find the right partner for sophisticated and complex body structures and components including ready to paint car bodies. Our experts in serial production cover the entire spectrum from small batches in manual work to fully automated serial production, combined with extensive experience in the wide range of process technologies used in today's body construction, the thyssenkrupp Group's combined materials expertise and extensive experience in plant and tool making, coupled with the necessary quality methods and control loops to meet customer requirements. 

Springs & stabilizers

Springs and stabilizers from thyssenkrupp provide maximum comfort and safety in vehicles. As partner to the automobile industry, we develop and produce premium innovative solutions to meet the highest demands on suspension technology. Whether for cars or trucks – we find the optimum combination of ride comfort and safety whatever the vehicle.

Forged Technologies


Undercarriages from thyssenkrupp Forged TechnologiesUndercarriages from thyssenkrupp Forged Technologies

High-quality undercarriages and undercarriage components from thyssenkrupp keep tracked vehicles moving the world over. Manufacturers and operators of construction machinery value our extensive range of track chains, rollers, idlers, sprockets and track shoes. We can also develop and manufacture complete undercarriages for crushers, recycling units, road construction machinery, specialist drilling equipment, and combine harvesters.

Crankshafts & conrods

Crankshafts and conrods from thyssenkrupp Forged TechnologiesCrankshafts and conrods from thyssenkrupp Forged Technologies

Forged and machined crankshafts and conrods from thyssenkrupp are used in internal combustion engines the world over. We also manufacture numerous other engine, transmission and suspension components for various applications. State-of-the-art production processes, close cooperation with our customers, and in-house research and development resources, together with over 100 years' experience of forging and machining technology, define who we are today.

Materials Services

Services for industrial plants & steel mills

As a service provider with special expertise in the metals producing and processing sector, as well as in other sectors with complex production processes, thyssenkrupp offers high-quality plant and steel mill services. Our capabilities extend from slag management to in-plant logistics, production support, plant maintenance, and packaging services.

Logistics services

As a leading materials distributor, thyssenkrupp offers its customers sophisticated warehousing and logistics services, including end-to-end inventory management and customized supply chain solutions.

Infrastructure projects & services

Whether it’s about mobility, urbanization, climate change, or resource efficiency: As a leading supplier of civil, marine, and foundation engineering solutions, we cover the full range of services for global infrastructure projects. The portfolio includes piling sections, machinery, and shoring and scaffolding services.

Industrial minerals