“We-together” – Help for refugees

At thyssenkrupp we embrace our social responsibility. And we live by values such as openness and tolerance, including in the current refugee crisis. The aid project “Hilfe für Menschen in Not” was quickly and efficiently organized by a large number of thyssenkrupp employees. That's something we can be proud of.

Because we are firmly convinced that jobs play a key role in integrating refugees, we as a Group have launched the program “we help”: In the next two years we will be creating an additional 150 apprenticeship places and 230 internships for refugees at our German companies.

Crowd of young people

Like us, other companies have initiated projects to integrate refugees. And under the name “Wir-Zusammen – Integrations-Initiative der deutschen Wirtschaft” (“We-together – German Industry Integration Initiative”) 36 German companies have now joined together to promote the integration of refugees. thyssenkrupp is one of the initiators.

On the website www.wir-zusammen.de participating companies are presenting their integration projects together for the first time. The website is designed to create transparency and provide orientation. But above all it offers practical examples to motivate other companies to actively contribute to the integration of refugees.

The aim of “We-together” is to foster and grow a network of companies committed to promoting integration over the long term. To this end members of the network carry out independent integration projects and underpin them with dedicated sponsorships.

“We-together” website (German)