Education , training, and development of talent

Training, development & talent management

Skilled employees are the basis of our success

We can only compete successfully with the support of highly skilled employees. That’s why we work on systematically promoting young talent, providing made-to-measure training programs and developing talent throughout the Group.

Starting from a very high quality level, we continuously develop our apprenticeship programs and make sustainable investments in this area, for example by building further training centers. In 30 apprentice training shops and 54 works schools across Germany, apprentices have the support of 129 full-time trainers. At currently 5.4 percent, the apprenticeship training rate is down slightly from last year (5.6 percent) but has been steady for years. We are transferring some elements of our German cooperative education system to Group companies abroad.

Training days per employee

Training days per employee

university marketing

As part of our university marketing efforts we offer students contact programs, support groups, internships, workshops, and field trips, giving them valuable insights into practice.
We attach particular importance to the so-called STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

We have intensified our cooperation with universities and introduced a standard worldwide applicant management system. To support the personal and professional development of our employees we offer a global talent management system. The thyssenkrupp Academy provides learning programs for functional experts. Our internal job market JOBCOMPASS offers new employment opportunities to employees looking to further or change their careers.