Occupational safety & health

Occupational safety & health

Employee health and workplace safety have top priority

Everyone who works for thyssenkrupp should be able to do so safely and remain healthy. This is our top priority and something we work towards every day. We want to reduce the number of accidents by systematically eliminating unsafe conditions and acts, because we know that on average for every 30,000 unsafe conditions or acts, one fatal accident occurs.

Our vision is clear: “Zero Accidents”. To this end we must systematically identify safety weaknesses and risks to health. We must systematically exchange information on how to improve. And we must systematically implement ideas for improvements and monitor their effect. We do all of this.

Occupational accident rate
Stay safe! tk-play

Stay safe!

April 28 is World Day for Safety & Health at Work. And thyssenkrupp is taking part. Since 2015 we set up activities on thyssenkrupp sites all over the world to enhance attention on the topic of safety & health at work. This year’s theme: “Thank you for staying safe!” In a global campaign, our employees’ families and friends reach out to them asking to stay safe during work. Each year thousands of employees, even of suppliers, take part in these activities. Because we care.