Career at thyssenkrupp

There are numerous ways to start your career at thyssenkrupp: apprenticeships, specialist and management careers for experienced professionals, and direct entry opportunities for young professionals.

We also offer the opportunity to get to know our Group extensively in a traineeship or as part of a trainee program. In 12 to 24 months, our trainees and volunteers pass through various stations in Germany and abroad. They are optimally prepared for a subsequent specialist or management career at thyssenkrupp.

Students can also gain initial work experience or write their thesis at thyssenkrupp during their studies. To this end we have strengthened our cooperation with universities. We also offer students educational programs, support groups, workshops and excursions as part of our university marketing program, giving them valuable practical insights.

Those who have not yet decided on an apprenticeship path or are still at school can get a taste of the working world at thyssenkrupp through a (student) internship.

Further information and current vacancies can be found on our careers page.

Recruiting process

In the Group, recruiting processes are largely uniform on regional level. Applicants can find information on the general application and recruiting process on the thyssenkrupp careers page. As a rule, vacancies are initially advertised exclusively internally for a few weeks. In special cases, for example for new job profiles, exceptions are possible.

For our operational recruiting managers in the companies, we provide special training courses on topics such as compliance, data protection, labor law and state-of-the-art recruiting to ensure compliance with guidelines and processes. The centrally offered services are constantly being further developed in line with emerging needs and current developments and challenges. In the area of employer branding thyssenkrupp ensures a consistent image as an attractive employer both internally and externally: The #GENERATIONTK campaign uses various internal measures to reach our own employees. Externally, #GENERATIONTK draws the attention of potential candidates to thyssenkrupp through a uniform presence on thyssenkrupp's online channels and at trade fairs. In addition, we cooperate with universities to position thyssenkrupp as an employer of choice for students at an early stage. This is achieved for example through programs such as MINTalents and our own company website on Studydrive, one of the biggest job exchanges for students. In addition, we regularly position ourselves at university job fairs and have a talent pool to keep in touch with students and provide them with relevant information.

Recruiting evaluations are regularly prepared several times a year and as needed, and are part of the decision-making basis for further measures.

As part of our activities, we also use social media to draw the attention of potential employees to job fairs, among other things.

Continuing education at thyssenkrupp: For production and office

Continuing education at thyssenkrupp: For production and office

Continuing education at thyssenkrupp: For production and office

We not only train, we also provide further training! To support the professional and personal development of our employees, we offer a worldwide and diverse training concept - both for our skilled workers in the plant at the machines and in the office.

To this end, we offer regular workshops, courses and training sessions. And these are very popular: More than 80,000 employees take advantage of our training programs every year. Training focuses on quality management, data technology, management development and promoting intercultural understanding, among other things. But technical seminars and training courses on occupational safety, health management and environmental protection are also in demand.

  • 80,000

    employees undergo further training every year

  • 140 %

    Continuing education rate

  • More than 200

    experts teach valuable content


employees undergo further training every year

140 %

Continuing education rate

More than 200

experts teach valuable content

thyssenkrupp Academy -
The partner for learning and transformation within the Group

thyssenkrupp Academy - the inhouse training experts

The thyssenkrupp Academy offers support both individual learning for all employees and the transformation of entire teams, departments and companies.

In the various curricula, all employees and managers up to top leadership level will find offerings on different topics such as Agile & New Work, Personal Effectiveness, Collaboration, Communication, Operation Excellence and Project Management, which are tailored to the respective position.

The offerings include both classic face-to-face events, but also blended learning events, e-learnings, short impulse sessions as well as purely virtual events. In terms of content, the program landscape is always adapted to the current events, challenges and goals of the Group.

With the current four learning landscapes, the Academy is focusing on the core topics that are driving the Group and having a massive impact on our working world. In the current fiscal year, these four core topics are "Lean & Agile," "Hybrid Leading & Working," "Leading in Dynaxity - Leading in a Dynamic and Complex World," and "Pathways to a Healthy Workforce.

The offering also includes external certifications such as coaching, SCRUM Master or Six Sigma. All products and services offered by the thyssenkrupp Academy are TÜV ISO 29993 certified and therefore meet the highest international standards in the area of training and development beyond formal education.

The thyssenkrupp Academy is therefore the Group's preferred partner for learning and transformation.

For 15 years now, the thyssenkrupp Academy has been offering learning and transformation programs tailored to the Group and enabling our employees and companies with a service agreement to achieve personal and organizational goals.

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thyssenkrupp Talents: our talent management

thyssenkrupp Talents enables systematic talent management below top management across all businesses. The aim is to systematically identify talented employees at an early stage and support their personal development and career planning so they can take on new challenging positions within thyssenkrupp. In addition, systematically filled talent pipelines increase the competitiveness of all thyssenkrupp businesses by enabling positions to be filled as quickly as possible by internal colleagues with high development potential. The talents take part in special development formats, both local and cross-business, and get to know the entire corporate group in greater depth. In the process, they experience high visibility and take advantage of a wide range of networking opportunities.

There is a very clear entrepreneurial approach behind thyssenkrupp Talents: We can leverage knowledge in-house, increase the motivation of managers and employees, and reduce external recruiting costs. Everyone benefits by increasing productivity and especially operational responsiveness and competitiveness.

Currently more than 1,500 colleagues at thyssenkrupp have been identified as talents.


Our aim is to ensure that development measures are offered to all employees in all thyssenkrupp companies. For the more than 1,000 top executives, high potentials and all around 1,500 talents, an individual development plan is provided which includes specific development measures as well as development targets. Within the Group, thyssenkrupp businesses can also use these development plans for other employee groups. At Corporate, for example, this is provided for all employees. Depending on the business model and strategic challenge, the thyssenkrupp businesses decide independently which development measures are prioritized for which target groups. Employees can find the measures offered and the associated information on the respective homepages. One example of this (at the German corporate companies) is the "employee appraisal interview". This tool helps managers and employees to actively promote the personal development of employees in a structured manner. In addition to the daily exchange, the employee appraisal creates a regular, annual process and provides space for constructive, open and mutual feedback. The focus of the discussion is on setting concrete development goals and measures for the employee. The results of the interview are documented in the HR system "SuccessFactors". The target group for the employee appraisal interview includes all employees subject or not subject to a collective bargaining agreement and senior executives at the corporate companies. This does not apply to employees in training and senior executives in graded positions, for whom a separate process is used.

Within the Group, the thyssenkrupp companies bear the main responsibility for developing their talents. A wide range of "on-site" programs is created for this purpose.  The "Development Core" is a platform for development products and tools, which can be used by the businesses "plug and play" based on the requirements for their own employees.

By leveraging these offered talent development measures across the businesses, it is possible to provide development offerings to key specialists and managers that actively contribute to targeted development and retention. In addition, offers are directed at further target groups, such as tech talents.

In talent management, all thyssenkrupp companies use the process around talent development. The thyssenkrupp-wide talent management system "tk Talents" thus creates a common "DNA" for talent development within the Group. In addition to specific development opportunities for talents in the individual companies, there are also overarching measures such as the "Talent Summit", formats such as "60 minutes with ..." or "Talent Buddies". Examples of great talent offers in some of the thyssenkrupp companies are:

  • Future Dialog

  • Top-level talent forum

  • Development Center

  • Impulse sessions

  • Speed Coaching

  • Online diagnostics

The central element of the thyssenkrupp-wide talent management system "tk Talents" is placement, in addition to identifying and developing talents. The aim is to place talents in new, challenging specialist and management roles. Talents thus have the opportunity to develop within or also between thyssenkrupp businesses in new major assignments, and thyssenkrupp has well-filled talent pipelines for the strategically most important job families. The local HR teams provide support for their talents via the thyssenkrupp Group job market, cross-business vacancy meetings, and individual career counseling. This includes defining and implementing the right development targets and measures. Talent development, including opportunities to gain visibility, is an important retention measure. A network of all personnel development managers can be used to facilitate career development, also between thyssenkrupp companies.