Operational Safety and Health (OSH)

Operational Safety and Health (OSH) at thyssenkrupp

Our vision: Zero compromise in occupational safety and health. That's why we try to prevent and reduce accidents at work. In addition, we want to protect all thyssenkrupp employees from possible mental and physical illnesses through various measures and offers.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion at thyssenkrupp

It is no empty phrase when we say that people are our focus. This applies equally to everyone. Our workforce is diverse: different age groups, nationalities, genders, sexual orientation and much more.

Diversity and inclusion are integral parts of our HR policy. We have laid this down in our mission statement and our leadership principles, among other things.

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Qualifications, training, and development of talent

Qualifications, training, and development of talent at thyssenkrupp

We can only remain successful in the future with outstandingly qualified specialists. To ensure this in the long term, we offer high-quality training, tailored continuing education programs for our employees, and various entry-level opportunities for young talents and experienced experts.

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Responsible employer / Co-determination

Responsible employer and co-determination at thyssenkrupp

A prerequisite for mutual trust and cooperative interaction is open and respectful dialog. This applies both to our workforce and to our cooperation with trade unions and supervisory bodies.

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