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For Suppliers

We at thyssenkrupp expect all suppliers to meet the highest expectations regarding sustainability, quality, pricing as well as contract and delivery performance. High flexibility, customer orientation as well as the full cooperation of our suppliers and service providers regarding transparency and process / system requirements are essential for any successful collaboration.

To strategically selected suppliers, we at thyssenkrupp offer attractive volumes and the possibility to mutually develop pioneering technology. Furthermore, they can gain access to important growth markets and strong, expanding customers. From these suppliers, we expect exceptional innovation in technologies and processes and the willingness to grow and go new ways with thyssenkrupp so as to create cost and market advantages for us and for our customers.

Registration as Supplier

You may choose from a number of options if you want to become a thyssenkrupp supplier. Please note that all new suppliers will be requested to sign the thyssenkrupp Supplier Code of Conduct as a prerequisite for registration.

Contact via individual Group companies

Our cluster organization manages the major part of our Group’s spend. Should one of our Cluster Managers or Cluster Team Members identify you as a potential new supplier, they will help you with the registration process to become a thyssenkrupp supplier. You may also contact the Cluster Manager directly.

Über unsere Konzernunternehmen

You can also contact the Heads of Procurement of our Group Companies directly. Please see locations for further details on our companies, including business activities, sectors, addresses, web-links, and such.

Registration via a RFQ

Please visit us online at our Strategic Sourcing Platform, which is part of our Group's e-procurement solution. There is a public area with a list of current RFQs to select from. If you wish to register and submit an offer, please follow the Registration Link on that page.

Direct online registration

You may also choose to register without a specific RFQ. Please go to our Strategic Sourcing Platform to complete and submit the online supplier questionnaire. Please refer to the information on the Platform for more details.

For general questions concerning the system, registration, participation in e.auctions or online-RFQs, or concerning our cluster organization, please send a short mail to


Do I need to pay licenses or fees if a want to use the Strategic Sourcing Platform as a supplier?

No. thyssenkrupp offers this common opportunity of process optimization free of charge and royalty-free.

Are special trainings for my employees required to be able to participate in thyssenkrupp e.auctions?

The design of the Strategic Sourcing application is pragmatic and straightforward. Individual steps can be made intuitively. However, we recommend users familiarize themselves with the user surface prior to taking part in the first

In case of any questions or queries, please contact

We would like to offer our products to thyssenkrupp via an Online-Catalogue, how can we do that?

The first requirement would be that you have registered as a supplier with thyssenkrupp and that the Group Company in question is linked up to the thyssenkrupp Catalog Ordering System. Please speak to your contact in the procurement department of the interested Group company directly.

The thyssenkrupp Content Management Team will be happy to provide support.

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