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Products and solutions, 2006-03-16, 12:01 PM

Steel construction elements with roofing tile look: wrinkle coating from ThyssenKrupp Hoesch Bausysteme

Isowelle Dach®, the sandwich element for pitched roofs from ThyssenKrupp Hoesch Bausysteme, is now available with a new wrinkle coating. Wrinkle coatings are textured color coatings which give steel construction elements a similar appearance to ceramic roofing tiles. Compared with existing matt coatings, the surfaces are also less sensitive to dirt and easier to clean. Isowelle Dach® elements with wrinkle finish are available in red or black, the classic colors for roofing tiles.

Sandwich elements with wrinkle coatings are almost indistinguishable in appearance from conventional roofing tiles and represent a more cost-efficient alternative. With a rigid polyurethane (PUR) foam core and corrugated outer surface, the elements are suitable for both residential and commercial buildings. The wrinkle coating is also frequently used to avoid disruptive material contrasts. The agriculture sector is a good example of this, where farm buildings are often erected close to conventionally roofed residential buildings. The sandwich elements are also an ideal choice for the quick, low-cost replacement of existing tiled roofs.

As well as looking good and avoiding material contrasts, wrinkle-coated isowelle® elements are also quicker and easier to install than conventional roofing tiles: unlike traditional roof coverings made up of a large number of small, overlapping tiles, isowelle® combines support layer, vapor barrier, thermal insulation and weather protection in components which are 1,000 millimeters wide and up to 20 meters long. Accordingly, isowelle® roofs can be installed quickly and cost-efficiently.

In times of rapidly rising energy costs, the first-class thermal insulation ratings of these roof elements represent a further advantage: for example, isowelle® elements with a 50 millimeter PUR core offer the same level of thermal insulation as a 90 millimeter mineral fiber layer or 80 millimeters of polystyrene. Beneath the color coating, the steel outer shell is protected by a metallic coating of GALFAN®, a 95 percent zinc/5 percent aluminum alloy, which makes the construction elements particularly durable. They can be used for any roof with a pitch of at least ten degrees.

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Ideas Park
The capital goods group ThyssenKrupp has teamed up with around 50 partners from science, research, education, the media and sports to organize its second Ideas Park. From May 20 to 28, 2006 visitors to the Expo site in Hanover can experience "Future Technology" live. Prominent researchers will be on hand to explain innovations, say in nanotechnology, with the aid of spectacular models, and visitors themselves can experiment with the latest technologies. There will also be stage shows, workshops, interactive activities, quizzes and discussions. Admission to the Ideas Park is free.

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