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Products and solutions, 2001-10-15, 02:00 AM

ThyssenKrupp Health Care Services GmbH seals strategic partnership with the Waldbrenner AG and presents newly developed ASP hospital solution

Düsseldorf, October 15, 2001. The ThyssenKrupp Health Care Services GmbH has entered into a strategic partnership with the Waldbrenner AG, developer of a leading hospital management system, and is now presenting an ASP (application service providing) hospital solution.

ThyssenKrupp Health Care Services is now offering hospitals an ASP solution based on product series from the SAP AG and the Waldbrenner AG. This ASP hospital solution reveals itself to be a complex control instrument. The system solution was developed in past months by a team of the company`s IT specialists and has only recently been presented to hospital customers. The preset and individually scalable ASP hospital solution combines SAP R/3 applications for the financial bookkeeping, accounting and controlling areas with selected modules of the Waldbrenner AG`s system solution KISSMED for the medical and nursing areas.

Thus ThyssenKrupp Health Care Services now provides its customers with a high-performance hospital management system via networks on a flat-rate rental basis. The applications are operated and maintained at centralized computer centers - with the highest availability, so 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

The benefits of this IT concept for hospitals are enormous: They can rent their own hospital management system, without investments, using existing IT hardware. This frees them of continuous technological change-related expenditures in IT infrastructure and employee qualification, etc. and presents them with the highest possible investment protection.

In selecting a cooperation partner and a new hospital information system, ThyssenKrupp Health Care Services concentrated above all on the system`s guaranteed computer center capability.

Robert Stöckl, managing director of ThyssenKrupp Health Care Services: "In appraising various software solutions before entering into cooperation negotiations, we directed out attention primarily to the criteria multiclient orientation, integration and technology standard. For the demand for ASP models is increasing continuously. Hospitals must relieve themselves of the burden of investment in the IT area and are thus inevitably attracted to economical ASP models. Since we see ourselves as professional ASP service providers in the hospital sector, we are now banking on a hospital information system that`s won acceptance on the market, is multiclient oriented and thus ASP capable. With the Waldbrenner AG, we`ve found just the right professional solution partner."

The requirements of a hospital information system are increasingly prone to change, especially with regard to application operation and management. One is slowly moving away from own purchased and autonomously operated system solutions and opening up to computer center oriented operation alternatives. Thus the ASP concept, which has already won acceptance in industry, is now also advancing from vision to reality in the hospital sector.

The companies:

ThyssenKrupp Health Care Services GmbH

The IT service provider ThyssenKrupp Health Care Services, a company of ThyssenKrupp Information Services, offers its customers individualized, holistic system solutions. The company headquartered in Düsseldorf has around 250 customers with circa 65,000 beds under contract. ThyssenKrupp Health Care Services develops concepts for more economy and efficiency in all functional areas of hospital organization for its customers. As general contractor and full-service provider, the company handles and takes responsibility for large-scale interdisciplinary projects. In this context, financing and risk-minimization can be realized via sophisticated operator and financing concepts.

Waldbrenner AG

The house Waldbrenner has been successfully developing highly specialized client-server systems for industry since 1984. Today, these are considered a model for hospital information systems. The clinical software solution KISSMED is designed as a highly integrated system that brings together the hospital`s functional areas and workplaces in the course of daily work, thus setting off a continuous improvement process. In concrete terms, for the user this means: patient-related information is automatically collected from the individual departments by the system - and presented exactly where it`s needed. Here there`s always the choice of working on a function- or process-oriented basis. The result: Individually equippable, electronic patient files with all required data - produced in seconds and available any time, anywhere.

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ThyssenKrupp Health Care Services:
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