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Company News, 2005-08-26, 12:03 PM

PeinigerRöRo awarded insulation contract for China

In signing a new contract for insulation work in China, Gelsenkirchen-based PeinigerRöRo GmbH has taken a further step toward offering its customers worldwide the same high quality of standardized services.

Within this context, Shanghai Peiniger, an Asian subsidiary of PeinigerRöRo, has been awarded a contract by Bayer Polymers Shanghai to insulate some 8,700 running meters of pipeline and another 4,000 square meters of vessels, tanks, and other equipment.
The pipework affected is part of a polycarbonate plant representing a total investment of US $240 million erected by Bayer at the Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park, Cao Jing. Bayer will invest in this chemical complex in the following years up to US $1.8 billion.

The insulation materials selected are mineral wool for the hot sections and polyurethane for the cold ones while for the jacketing 0.8 mm aluminum is the choice. The work is due to start as early as August for completion by the end of the year.

This is Shanghai Peiniger´s first insulation job in China and represents a further major step in broadening the services lineup which additionally embraces corrosion protection, tank coating, acid-proofing, concrete repair and coating, water sealing, and fire prevention and proofing.

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