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Products and solutions, 2006-04-19, 04:35 PM

A good outlook in Berlin

In order to renovate concrete tower blocks attractively to ensure that they can compete in today's already difficult housing market, considerable architectural and technical skill is required, as well as a little good fortune. As a result, the architect's brief for the Louis-Lewin-Ring in Berlin was to break up the straight lines of the concrete tower blocks using rounded or curved balcony balustrades.

In the search for an appropriate facade material for the built-on balconies, the choice fell to MAX Exterior NT, an HPL panel with special technological advantages. ThyssenKrupp Schulte ensured they were prepared and delivered ready to install.

MAX Exterior NT comprises a core of natural fibers impregnated with phenolic resin and laminated with decorative melamine coatings on both sides under the application of pressure and heat. The surfaces are also provided with a patented, non-porous coating providing long-lasting protection against weathering and UV radiation. In addition, graffiti can be easily and fully removed using solvents without damaging the panels.

Due to the elasticity of the natural fibers, it is possible to bend the panels to the required radius and assemble them pre-stressed in frames. In this way, 27 balcony installations with a total of 153 balconies were clad with MAX Exterior NT panels, supplied fully-finished by the plastics specialists ThyssenKrupp Schulte to CBC Complett-Balcon-Construct GmbH, the company realizing the project. ThyssenKrupp Schulte also supplied all the partitions, made of structured acrylic, from their comprehensive plastics products range.

Overall, the desirability and marketability of the apartments have been significantly improved. In addition, the entire residential area has become more attractive and now bears little resemblance to a typical concrete tower block development.

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