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Products and solutions, 2003-11-26, 01:00 AM

Triaton contracts Helvetia Versicherung as a new client

Krefeld-based Triaton GmbH has been contracted by the Frankfurt-based head-office of Swiss insurer Helvetia Schweizerische Versicherungsgesellschaft to take over the operation of its mainframe systems over the next five years. A general agreement concluded between the two parties allows the insurer to outsource additional IT services ranging from system adjustments (especially during release changeovers) to the provision and operation of network infrastructures, telecom systems, client-server architectures and the maintenance of standard applications.

Triaton`s service lineup is flexibly adapted to the needs of Helvetia. "The hardware is configured in such a way as to allow at any time capacity modifications matching rapidly changing needs typically resulting from the insurance business," states Joachim Walentowitz, head of Hosting Services at Triaton. "Another area in which we are treading fresh terrain is the way in which the work is being shared out between Helvetia and Triaton. We have mapped out an arrangement permitting each party to contribute fully its own special skills and capabilities," adds Walentowitz.

"The agreement drawn up with Triaton allows us to achieve in the best possible way our targets of providing flexible, high-quality IT services for our company at competitive terms and conditions," explains Ingo Reiss, senior manager at Helvetia. "Many companies are concerned about quality or possible dependence on IT service providers. Our own experience does not confirm such apprehensions. In fact, the transition from our previous provider to Triaton has been smooth and fluid," emphasizes Reiss.

Other financial services providers that count on Triaton, in addition to Helvetia, are IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG and GEFA, a member of the Société Générale Vendor Services Group. In October 2002, this latter outsourced its entire computing center operations to Triaton. Alongside operating IT systems needed for the core businesses of loans and leasing, the deal also encompasses SAP operations.

Triaton - The BusinessProcessor

Triaton GmbH based in Krefeld is a ThyssenKrupp Services AG company and a leading IT services provider internationally. The company operates worldwide with a workforce of some 2,200 at home and abroad. In fiscal 2001/02, it generated sales of about 351 million euros. Triaton was formed from the IT units of Thyssen, Krupp, Hoesch, and Hoechst and thanks to this background possesses longstanding industry-specific experience, especially in the automotive, chemicals, manufacturing, metal/paper/wood, and pharmaceutical segments. Other sectors reverting to Triaton`s services are banking and insurance, and food.


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