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Products and solutions, 2004-09-20, 02:00 AM

Nordseewerke GmbH

Nordseewerke GmbH - a company of ThyssenKrupp Werften GmbH - will present itself at the SMM 2004, the world`s largest shipbuilding exhibition, from September 28th until Oktober 2nd in Hamburg. The Emden-based company will present itself together with the associated companies Blohm + Voss GmbH and Blohm + Voss Repair GmbH at the exhibition stand of ThyssenKrupp Werften (stand number 170, exhibition hall 10). The main focus of Nordseewerke`s presentation will be Naval Shipbuilding and building of container vessels.

Naval Shipbuilding at Nordseewerke GmbH

Owing to the changed threat scenarios, the area of responsibility of the world`s navies has shifted. In order to be able to meet the new requirements, new solutions must be found for future-oriented concepts. For conventional submarines this means, among other things, to integrate a large number of new and much more sensitive sensors as well as to rework the propulsion concept of these non-nuclear underwater crafts. This means especially additionally integrated, air-independent propulsion systems which would allow the submarine a considerably longer submerged cruising. Nordseewerke have developed an air-independent propulsion system for submarines which distinguishes itself not only by its technical robustness and simple maintainability but also by its low price and low life-cycle costs. The base of this propulsion system is the closed-cycle diesel system which was developed by Nordseewerke already in the 90s and can be integrated in the new draft as well as used as retrofitting section for already existing submarines. At present, the prototype of this system equipped with the latest diesel technology is being tested. The performance of this system, which exactly corresponds to a retrofitting section, is high enough to operate safely a submerged submarine at low speed (4 - 5 kts.) and supply the onboard systems with sufficient electrical energy.

Various research and development projects are being carried out in Emden to ensure a continuous improvement of the product. These are, among other things, F+E projects for an "All-Electric ship" as well as the development of special rudder configurations and forms which change the flowing towards the propeller and thus improve the cruising performance of the boat, and the further development and integration of a communication buoy for submerged submarines.

At present, the construction programs being carried out in Emden are as follows:

- Class 212A submarines for the German Navy. Nordseewerke is responsible for construction and sea trial of the 2nd ("U32") and the 4th vessel. "U32" is presently undergoing its sea trial while the 4th vessel is under construction.

- Class 209/1400 submarines for the South African Navy. The vessels 2 and 3 of a series of 3 submarines are presently under construction in Emden.

- Research vessel "Planet", an extraordinary high-tech vessel, is presently undergoing its sea trial. This vessel is a so-called SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull), a special vessel which distinguishes itself by special sea motion characteristics. For this purpose the shipyard had to make use of its special know-how on submarines to meet the strict requirements regarding the noise emission.

- F 124 frigates. The 3rd vessel of this series, the "Hessen", is presently in the final outfit phase and will leave Emden for the first sea trials at the end of November.

- Class 130 corvettes. The foreship of the 1st corvette has been under construction in Emden since the beginning of September 2004.

- Class 214 submarines for the Portuguese Navy. The contract on the delivery of 2 submarines has already been signed by the two parties and will become effective shortly. Nordseewerke will execute this order together with HDW.

Merchant Shipbuilding - Nordseewerke`s Proven Container Ship Family.

In August, the first vessel of 2,200 TEU type was handed over to the customer. The shortened version of the 2,500 TEU standard container ship family was tailored especially to the customer`s requirements. At present, the first vessel of the prolonged version of this standard vessel with a load capacity of 2,700 TEU is under construction. This vessel will be handed over to the customer this year in December. Furthermore, the backlog of orders of the shipyard comprises four additional vessels of this capacity.

The proven concept of a container ship family forming a uniform and integrated whole is being continued resolutely. So, even a vessel with Panamax width and a capacity of 3,300 TEU, developed from the 2,700 TEU type, is part of the yard`s product range. The extension of container ships to 3,500 TEU up to 4,100 TEU is being worked on at present.

Nordseewerke which, in the past, made a name for itself even with the building of special vessels (products and gas tankers, suction dredges etc.), are in a good position regarding construction and production today in order to offer high-tech solutions at reasonable prices even for other ship types such as RoRo-vessels, special SWATH applications etc.


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