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Company News, 2007-06-27, 12:00 PM

Full steam ahead for Würzburg

ThyssenKrupp Xervon Energy has been awarded the contract to build a second gas and steam turbine system by Heizkraftwerk Würzburg GmbH, a company of the WVV Group. It covers the construction, delivery and installation of the waste heat boiler and the construction activities of the modernization project. The contract is worth roundabout €14 million.

Only four years ago, ThyssenKrupp Xervon Energy successfully led a consortium of several companies for the building of the first gas and steam turbine system. Because cooperation then was so successful, the competitors are this time working together – at WVV's request – as partners with equal status. "The gas and steam turbine system is a landmark facility in every respect for everyone concerned, and we are confident of fulfilling the high expectations resulting from this first project," says Thomas Jahrmarkt, Managing Director of ThyssenKrupp Xervon Energy.

At the beginning of January 2009, after about 18 months for construction, the second gas and steam turbine unit is scheduled to go into operation with an electrical output of 50 megawatts. From 2009 onwards, the WVV Group can then generate up to 80 percent of the electricity required in Würzburg in its own Würzburg combined heat-and-power plants.

Efficiency up again

In this modernization project, low-emission fuel input is combined with efficient gas and steam turbine technology in power-and-heat cogeneration. The efficiency of the combined power-and-heat plant is thus raised to up to 47 percent in pure condensation mode. In the power-and-heat cogeneration process, the fuel is used even more efficiently. By exploiting the heat arising during power generation, total primary energy savings of at least 10 percent are achieved over separate, advanced power and heat generation. For instance, annual CO<sub>2</sub> output is about 50,000 metric tons lower than with advanced coal-fired energy generation.

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