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Products and solutions, 2004-10-26, 02:00 AM

Agozal DoubleDip®. Double-coated steel strip for highest corrosion protection

Agozal Oberflächenveredelung GmbH will be exhibiting double-dipped extremely corrosion-resistant steel strip at Euroblech 2004 in hall 14, booth F 14. Agozal operates a unique hot dip galvanizing line at its plant in Neuwied in which steel strip can be passed optionally through one or two zinc pots. When the strip runs through two zinc pots, a coating called agozal DoubleDip® is created which provides twice the corrosion protection effect of conventional zinc-only coatings. The coating has also proved superior to batch-galvanized coatings.

The agozal DoubleDip® coating is created by passing the steel strip first through pure zinc and then through a bath consisting of 95 percent zinc and 5 percent aluminum. The coating can be up to 70 micrometers thick on each side of the strip. Counting both sides, this represents around a kilogram of zinc per square meter of steel. The anticorrosion effect of agozal DoubleDip® has been demonstrated in numerous tests at the DOC Dortmunder OberflächenCentrum, ThyssenKrupp Stahl`s surface engineering center.

One comparative test was carried out on a component used in electrical installation: the original part, batch galvanized for outdoor use, perforated and heavily profiled, was subjected to a salt spray test together with an exact copy coated with agozal DoubleDip®. After 552 hours, there were signs of red rust on the batch-galvanized part, while the agozal DoubleDip® coated part displayed no traces of corrosion.

Agozal`s high-performance coating is aimed mainly at users in the truck, construction and agriculture industries. Steel with the agozal DoubleDip® coating has already been used to make truck chassis parts, cable support systems and high-bay storage racks. The coating saves costs as well as the work involved in batch galvanizing, powder coating or electrocoating.

The agozal DoubleDip® coating adheres firmly to the substrate, allowing the coated material to be readily formed. Another advantage is that it can be applied not just to mild cold-bending and deep-drawing steels and structural steels but also to ultrahigh-strength steels with yield strength levels of up to 1,200 megapascals. Steel strip with the agozal DoubleDip® coating is available in standard widths of 200 to 695 millimeters and in thicknesses of 0.8 to 6 millimeters with galvanized edges. Widths below 200 millimeters are supplied with non-galvanized edges.


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