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Products and solutions, 2011-01-14, 10:22 AM

Steel Goes Green: Photovoltaics-cooperation with juwi Group

Energy-efficient buildings are sustainable, energy-producing buildings even more so: Together with juwi Group, the Color/Construction business unit of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe is now offering construction elements featuring integrated roof-parallel photovoltaic modules. They make the roofs of industrial and commercial buildings into solar power plants – and a steady source of additional income.

Juwi Group, based in Wörrstadt, is a leading supplier of renewable energy systems and is working with the business unit of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe under a cooperation agreement. The Color/Construction business unit with its sales department is involved at an early stage in the planning processes for industrial and commercial buildings. The partnership with juwi extends its consulting services to include the use of solar energy in the building envelope.

The photovoltaic systems consist of solar modules installed on special, roof-parallel substructures. The substructure is matched to the roofing elements supplied by ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe. The systems are suitable for both single-skin roofs and roofs made from sandwich panels. For sandwich roofs, the partnership provides an extremely climate- and resource-friendly combination of effective heat insulation and renewable energy generation.

There are two models for financing the photovoltaic systems: Under the first, the roof and solar energy system are owned by the building owner and financed through feed-in tariffs set and guaranteed by law, which also generate additional profit. Under the second, the solar energy system is owned by a third-party investor. The building owner receives rent for the use of the roof area. The cooperation partners offer a full range of consulting services for the photovoltaic systems, including negotiations with banks, land registry offices and building authorities.

Trade show motto: Steel Goes Green
ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe is exhibiting at Bau under the motto Steel Goes Green, chosen to emphasize the good environmental performance of steel construction products. The sandwich panels in particular, with their first-class insulating properties, are very energy-efficient and make a sustainable contribution to climate protection. They offer a simple and low-cost way to meet the requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) for building heat insulation. Since 2009 the ordinance has also applied to industrial buildings.

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe pursues a holistic sustainability strategy that includes environmental as well as economic and socio-cultural aspects. The trade show presentation in Munich looks at the topic from various angles to show how steel products contribute to sustainable building.

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