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Products and solutions, 2000-09-20, 02:00 AM

TRAILERtel: Krupp Timtec Telematik and Kögel present the intelligent trailer

Krupp Timtec Telematik GmbH (KTT) and Kögel Fahrzeugwerke AG have formed a systems partnership in which KTT will supply the vehicle manufacturer with a total of 10,000 ATIS-T telematics systems over the next three years. Based in Ulm, Germany, Kögel AG is a leading European manufacturer of truck trailers with sales of around 700 million marks. The company will install the system in its trailers and offer it directly to customers ex works under the name TRAILERtel. Optimized for use on truck trailers, ATIS-T is a satellite-based telematics system which automatically provides information on the location and operating status of the respective trailer by wireless data transfer. Kögel will install TRAILERtel during trailer manufacture, providing customers with trailer and function-tested telematics from a single source. As a manufacturer-independent information service provider, KTT develops and produces specialized hardware and software for telematics systems. More than 7,000 ATIS telematics systems are currently in use with customers in the transportation sector.

Information on trailer location is provided via the GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite system by an inconspicuous communication unit integrated in the trailer. An industry-standard CAN bus interface links the tel-Box with trailer equipment such as the ABS brake system, refrigeration unit, temperature recorder, lighting system, tire pressure monitor or door monitor. Data are transmitted regardless of whether the trailer is uncoupled, being transported by rail or hooked up to the tractor. TRAILERtel users such as haulage companies, manufacturers and distributors can select the information of importance to them and either download it from the internet using standard browsers or have it sent to them by e-mail. KTT also provides the necessary communication platform.

A special feature of the TRAILERtel concept is the ability to integrate the telematics system with further programs and to process its data using, for example, scheduling and fleet management software or complete systems such as SAP R/3. This makes Kögel the first German trailer manufacturer whose vehicles can be fully integrated in a comprehensive supply chain management system. Optimal use can be made of the logistics potential offered by the ATIS data, such as reducing turn-round times, making the best use of freight space, minimizing empty running, tracking consignments and monitoring the freight, e.g. on refrigerated vehicles. In particular, for the first time the supply industry now has the option of fully integrating trailers in their just-in-time systems.

TRAILERtel also allows significant reductions in operating costs: permanent monitoring of key equipment makes it possible to carry out precautionary maintenance and repair work. Damage can be avoided because defects are identified before they occur. Forwarding companies can keep track of the location and status of their trailers at all times, regardless of where they may be throughout Europe.

Kögel and KTT have designed TRAILERtel as an open system accessible to other manufacturers. Attracting further partners is the declared aim of both companies. To this end, TRAILERtel can also be retrofitted on existing trailers of various makes, enabling users to utilize the system’s benefits not just on new vehicles but for their entire fleet.

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