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Products and solutions, 2001-07-17, 02:00 AM

CEYONIQ and TKIS Document Services Cooperate

CEYONIQ AG and TKIS Document Services GmbH have formed a strategically significant partnership. TKIS Document Services is a subsidiary of the ThyssenKrupp Information Services Group with a total of 3400 employees worldwide. The Essen system vendor will immediately begin incorporating CEYONIQ Software Products into its portfolio and offer ASP solutions jointly with CEYONIQ. With this partnership, CEYONIQ achieves yet another significant step in the expansion of its market position throughout Europe as a provider for innovative content, document and archive management. Both corporations already possess experience from cooperating on common projects, and will significantly expand their cooperation in the SAP field and in branches such as banking and insurance, the public sector, industry & retail and TTU (Telecommunications, Transportation, Utilities) as a result of the partnership contract.

TKIS Document Services offers services with an emphasis on archiving, document management and workflow. Special emphasis is placed on SAP archiving. The spectrum of offerings ranges from consulting over project development to the culmination of an up-and-running operation. The ThyssenKrupp subsidiary decided on the Bielefeld concern as a partner on the basis of its best-of-market technology, the innovative software solutions in the areas of content, document and archive management and its convincing partner concept.

In addition, numerous interfaces and extensive service offerings guarantee the rapid implementation of the systems.

More joint customer projects will be completed shortly. In addition, both firms will strengthen their commitment on the expanding market of application service providing.

Corporate Profile of TKIS Document Services GmbH

TKIS Document Services is a subsidiary of the ThyssenKrupp Information Services Group, a leading international systems house. The concern offers complete solutions for document services. ThyssenKrupp Information Services, headquartered in Duesseldorf, was founded in 1999 and currently employs 3400 employees worldwide. TKIS Document Services offers efficient, top quality, cost-effective solutions which serve the creation of documentation and its foreign-language conversion, production, administration and archiving. Integrated into a comprehensive outsourcing concept, the service offer puts customers in the position of being able to concentrate fully and totally on core business. In addition, eBusiness applications and an array of ASP solutions give the customer the possibility of retrieving services directly from within his workplace and seeing it through to completion. Additional information on TKIS Document Services GmbH can be found on the Internet at

Corporate Profile of CEYONIQ AG

CEYONIQ, formerly CE Computer Equipment AG of Bielefeld, is one of the worldwide leading providers on the expanding market for innovative content, document and archive management. With intelligent, knowledge-based solutions, the concern addresses the growing telecommunications, energy supply and health care industries. CEYONIQ is on the cutting edge with financial service providers and the insurance business. For the future market of application service providing, the firm offers a product line developed especially for this field of business.

CEYONIQ Software supports and manages documents and information during their whole life cycle; contents are automatically recognized, information is intelligently managed and documents are archived in a tamperproof manner. Interfaces with such systems as Siebel, Oracle,, Documentum, Lotus Notes and MS Exchange ensure optimal compatibility with leading business applications. The corporation is represented by branch offices on both, the national and international levels and employs 750 workers worldwide. Additional information on CEYONIQ can be found on the Internet at

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