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Ad Hoc Releases, 2006-07-18, 05:46 PM

ThyssenKrupp expects pre-tax earnings of more than 750 million EUR in 3rd quarter

Based on current projections, ThyssenKrupp AG's pre-tax income - excluding major nonrecurring effects - for the 3rd quarter 2005/2006 will reach more than 750 million EUR, compared with 577 million EUR in the prior-year quarter. All segments with the exception of ThyssenKrupp Automotive contributed to this significant earnings growth.

Based on this earnings forecast the Executive Board of ThyssenKrupp AG now expects earnings before taxes - excluding major nonrecurring effects - to reach around 2.5 billion EUR for the full fiscal year.

ThyssenKrupp AG will announce further details when it presents its 3rd quarter interim report on August 11.

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