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Company News, 2003-11-20, 01:00 AM

ThyssenKrupp participates in network against unemployment

ThyssenKrupp is participating in the "TeamArbeit für Deutschland" (Teamwork for Germany) initiative launched by the German Economics and Labor Ministry (BMWA). The aim of the initiative is to get as many people as possible involved in creating a network against unemployment which promotes an exchange of ideas, initiates projects and thus makes a concrete contribution to getting unemployment under control.

Under the initiative, corporate responsibility for employment takes center stage. This is being supported by a series of advertisements in which company ads in the media are followed up by a BMWA advertisement on the next page repeating the theme of the company advertisement but referring in the text to an employment or training initiative running at that company.

These advertisements refer to two initiatives launched by ThyssenKrupp. The first of these is the Group`s study support program for students on engineering, economics and IT courses. This program helps bring through new management talent in Germany and gets young people interested in studying technical subjects.

The other initiative concerns the creation of additional apprenticeship training places starting in September 2003. The Group has been training beyond its own needs for many years to give young people good job prospects.


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