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Capital market-relevant press releases, 2014-11-20, 07:09 AM

ThyssenKrupp launches Sponsored Level I ADR program in the USA

The diversified industrial group ThyssenKrupp today launched a Sponsored Level I ADR program in the USA. The depositary bank for the ADR program is Deutsche Bank.

ADRs are certificates representing shares of stock which allow US investors to indirectly hold shares in a non-US company and trade them in the USA. This makes it easier for US investors to invest in ThyssenKrupp.

North American investors are an important part of ThyssenKrupp’s shareholder base. Using targeted investor relations measures we will further extend our reach in this important capital market and thus support the spread of ThyssenKrupp ADRs among US investors.

One ThyssenKrupp ADR represents one share. The ticker symbol for these ADRs is TKAMY. ThyssenKrupp ADRs will be traded over the counter in the USA.

Structure: Sponsored Level I ADR program
Depositary bank: Deutsche Bank
Symbol: TKAMY
CUSIP: 88629Q 207
ISIN: US88629Q2075
ADR ratio: 1:1

ThyssenKrupp’s stock is listed on the Frankfurt and Düsseldorf stock exchanges and included in the DAX 30.

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