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Products and solutions, 2004-05-04, 02:00 AM

Building code approval for DAVEX®

New DAVEX® steel profiles from ThyssenKrupp Davex GmbH have now gained general building code approval. The beams, made by a new, patented joining technology, have been certified as complying with Germany`s state building codes under approval number Z-14.5-443. DAVEX® design beams offer new possibilities for sophisticated architectural solutions with steel. They are particularly suitable for use in visible steel structures on buildings with a representational function.

DAVEX® profiles are made by the so-called roll joining process. A special tool is used to roll a groove into the flange material. In parallel with this, the edges of the web material are contoured and inserted in the flange groove. Subsequently a locking groove is rolled into the flanges on either side of the web, causing material to flow into the contours on the web edges. The result is a firm friction/positive joint without the need for welding. EN 10025 structural steel has been approved as a material for DAVEX® steel profiles. Designers can calculate the beams in the same way as DIN 18800 welded steel profiles.

Roll joining can produce steel beams whose webs are considerably thinner in relation to the flange than on conventional hot rolled profiles. The profiles are precisely formed, sharp-edged and can be made with perforated webs for a filigree, transparent effect. The general building code approval is for symmetrical and asymmetrical I and T profiles with perforated or solid webs. The flange material has to be ten millimeters in thickness, the web material three or four millimeters.

DAVEX® beams are approved for internal and external use. The profiles are manufactured directly from coil on a recently completed production line in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, the only one of its kind in the world. ThyssenKrupp Davex GmbH will be applying for further approvals in the future, for example for combinations of different materials such as steel, aluminum or plastic.

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