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Products and solutions, 2000-05-29, 02:00 AM

Press release from On Rail GmbH and Krupp Timtec Telematik GmbH

On Rail employs the world's first telematics system approved for explosion protection zone 1

Based in Mettmann, Germany, On Rail Gesellschaft für Vermietung und Verwaltung von Eis-enbahnwaggons mbH is the first hire company to offer goods wagons and loading units for intermodal transport featuring the ATIS E telematics system from Krupp Timtec Telematik GmbH. This allows the continuous GPS-based monitoring in particular of tank containers or tank wagons carrying gases, flammable liquids or other critical goods even in areas which can only be entered with explosion protection zone 1 approval. At best, previously available GPS systems have only matched the requirements for explosion protection zone 2, and use of wagons and loading units equipped with such systems is consequently restricted.

Wagons and units from On Rail GmbH fitted with ATIS E enjoy unrestricted access for loading and unloading in industrial zones where the risk of explosion calls for the most stringent safety standards. "Highly sensitive hazardous goods in particular frequently require closer monitoring," explains On Rail's managing director Ulrich Swertz. "Customer interest in unin-terrupted and virtually online monitoring of goods from the point of loading is growing con-stantly. Temperature-critical loads in particular are an area in which we can close the com-petitive gap versus road haulage."

On Rail customers can test the ATIS system on a trial basis. Ulrich Swertz: "We provide po-tential customers with Krupp Timtec Telematik's ATIS MT system - which is suitable for tem-porary installation - at cost price so that they can try it out during a trial period. As the data provided is based on practical requirements, the customer benefits even in the pilot phase."

Scheduling and status data for the vehicles and loading units are made available via Krupp Timtec Telematik GmbH's vehicle fleet information system (FIS). In the latest version of the monitoring software, even the basic version can convert the data to popular office formats such as Excel and evaluate them. Access is available via ThyssenKrupp Information Services' computing center according to a variety of criteria. In the near future customers will also be able to access their data via secure internet links.

Krupp Timtec Telematik GmbH is market leader in the field of autonomous telematics sys-tems, and ATIS E is the first such system worldwide to be approved for use in explosion pro-tection zone 1. ATIS E is based on the ATIS MT system which has found frequent use in recent years outside explosion hazard zones. The company's specialists spent one-and-a-half years adapting in particular the transmission and aerial technology, power supply and housing design of the unit for explosion protection zone 1 approval.

"On Rail closely supported this process, contributing our specific knowledge of the market and the needs of our hazardous goods customers from the outset," emphasizes Ulrich Swertz. "Although the costs for units with explosion protection zone 1 approval are still very high, we were encouraged by the success of previous projects in which our customers received rolling stock equipped with telematics systems. In February this year, On Rail GmbH's first chemicals customer placed an order for tank wagons equipped with ATIS E. We are convinced that the success of telematics will not stop at the boundaries of explosion protection zones. On the contrary, we expect demand to increase for transports of this nature where safety and logisti-cal aspects make this solution very attractive. In collaboration with our telematics systems partner Krupp Timtec Telematik, in the future On Rail will make increasing use of information services in connection with our main business of rolling stock. Work has already started on several further projects."

For further information please contact:

On Rail Gesellschaft für Vermietung und Verwaltung von Eisenbahnwaggons mbH
Schwarzbachstraße 30
40822 Mettmann
Herr Ulrich Swertz
Telefon: +49 (0) 21 04 92 97 21

Krupp Timtec Telematik GmbH
Heinrichstraße 51
44536 Lünen
Herr Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Miebach
Telefon: +49 (0) 02 31 98 60 222

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