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Products and solutions, 2005-04-26, 02:32 PM

New generation of steering systems from ThyssenKrupp Presta SteerTec

ThyssenKrupp Presta SteerTec is presenting its new recirculating-ball steering for heavy trucks. This steering system is a further development of the proven modular steering system and is characterized by low weight and smaller dimensions. It is designed as a modular system for front axle loads of two to nine tons.

At the same time, the new recirculating-ball steering retains the tried and tested advantages of the successful modular steering systems, including high steering precision, optimized efficiency, hydraulic damping and low friction losses. The new recirculating-ball steering has a compact design. Both the packaging and the weight of the steering system have been reduced by 10 to 20 percent compared to the previous generation without sacrificing performance.

The steering characteristics of each vehicle type are controlled by a star valve in the recirculating-ball steering system. A variable forming process for the individual valve parts enables customer-specific steering system requirements to be implemented. In addition, a variable steering ratio ensures that the steering forces are optimally matched to steering wheel turn.

With the new generation of steering systems, steering speeds of up to 720 degrees per second can be achieved with the steering wheel. This ensures better vehicle handling in extreme situations (e.g. when wrenching the steering wheel).

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