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Company News, 2003-09-09, 02:00 AM

IAA: ThyssenKrupp - Partner to the auto industry

"Cars - Pure Fascination" is the motto for this year`s IAA, the world`s biggest motor show. Opening in Frankfurt from September 11 to 21, the IAA offers an ideal chance to catch up on current highlights and trends in the automobile industry. ThyssenKrupp will be represented by its Automotive and Steel segments: ThyssenKrupp Automotive, one of the auto industry`s biggest suppliers, development and systems partners, will be presenting a wide range of products and innovations. ThyssenKrupp Steel will be demonstrating its capabilities as a materials partner to the auto industry.

Over 130 exhibits provide an overview of ThyssenKrupp Automotive`s capabilities. The complete aluminum frame of the Lamborghini Gallardo, the air suspension system of the Jaguar XJ, a full powertrain system built entirely from products of ThyssenKrupp Automotive, the foldaway glass roof from Valmet Automotive - all these and many more products are on display on the ThyssenKrupp booth.

The highlight of ThyssenKrupp Steel`s presentation is the NewSteelBody (NSB®), a body-in-white developed by ThyssenKrupp Stahl AG which is 24 percent lighter than the reference production model. To demonstrate the advantage of tailored products, a newly developed door is on display which is not only 1.2 kilograms lighter than its production counterpart but also costs less to produce. Tailored products are laser-beam welded blanks or tubes comprising steels of different strength, thickness or surface finish.

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