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Company News, 2006-03-01, 02:01 PM

Uhde wins contract for EnviNOx® tail gas treatment unitfor the abatement of greenhouse gases

The Austrian-based company Carbon Projektentwicklung GmbH has commissioned Uhde to design and construct a turnkey tail gas treatment unit for Abu Qir Fertilizer Company in Egypt. The contract includes the licence, engineering, supply, construction and commissioning of the plant in September 2006.

The tail gas treatment unit, which will be based on Uhde's innovative EnviNOx® technology, will be installed in one of the world's biggest nitric acid plants in Abu Qir, some 20 kilometres north-east of Alexandria. The process uses a special catalyst to convert the pollutant nitrogen oxides, nitrous oxide (N2O) and NOx, in the waste gas streams of nitric acid plants into the naturally-occurring substances nitrogen, oxygen and water vapour. Uhde has received two awards for the development of this new EnviNOx® process: the Silver Award by the European Environmental Press in 2004 and the ThyssenKrupp Innovation Prize in 2005.

Future annual emissions will be reduced by approximately 3,850 tonnes of nitrous oxide and a total 4,500 tonnes of nitrogen oxides. As the global warming potential of nitrous oxide is estimated to be some 310 times that of carbon dioxide (CO2), this corresponds to a CO2 reduction of over 1.1 million tonnes.

"In constructing this unit Uhde and Carbon Projektentwicklung GmbH are making a significant contribution to climate protection as the resultant reduction of 1.1 million tonnes of CO2 corresponds to the average emission of a 150 MW lignite power plant;" said Klaus Schneiders, Chairman of Uhde GmbH's Executive Board.

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