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Products and solutions, 2005-04-26, 02:24 PM

ThyssenKrupp Bilstein develops DampMatic and DampTronic

Part of ThyssenKrupp Bilstein`s growth strategy is to promote innovation in all areas of suspension and damping technology. Current activities cover the entire product range - from improvements to established products to completely new developments.

One example of an innovative new development is the "Bilstein DampMatic", an amplitude-selective damper which provides less damping for small movements (amplitudes) than for larger ones and therefore offers a significant improvement in ride comfort. It is based on a floating piston which opens or shuts a bypass to the main piston, depending on amplitude size. This function is independent of damper piston position and purely passive, i.e. controlled only by the flow and pressure conditions in the damper. The system is particularly suitable for vehicles with a high center of gravity such as vans, minivans, SUVs or MPVs which have a greater propensity to body roll due to their construction and therefore have comparatively stiff damping. DampMatic offers the roll stabilization required and, at the same time, more comfort with a quieter and more even ride.

In addition to passive damping variation systems, Bilstein also develops electronically adjustable damping systems, e.g. the "Bilstein DampTronic" system. This continuously adjustable damper further reduces the conflict between ride comfort and driving dynamics in different driving situations. With the help of a proportional magnet, the system continuously varies a bypass to the passive main piston; the adjusting mechanism is characterized by its simple and robust construction. Like DampMatic dampers, DampTronic dampers can be used in both monotube and twin-tube dampers and adapted to all types of vehicle. With the help of sensors, the current movement of the vehicle is recorded, (forward, lateral and vertical acceleration, steering angle, speed of travel, etc.), the optimum damping force is calculated in a central control unit and an appropriate control signal is sent to the DampTronic dampers. In this way DampTronic always provides the correct damping force for the driving conditions and enables comfortable, sporty and safe driving.

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