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Products and solutions, 2005-09-12, 10:08 AM

ThyssenKrupp Drauz Nothelfer offers process for optimized component assembly

With Best-Fit, ThyssenKrupp Drauz Nothelfer has developed an automotive component assembly technology that uses camera-controlled robots to ensure a perfect fit. The flexible Best-Fit process can be used to assemble a variety of components and is also suitable for use with different vehicle models.

Developed in collaboration with Inos Automation, the modular Best-Fit concept features a sensitive robot equipped with optical sensors which measure both the component and the body to optimize the position of the door. This ensures the ideal fit for each individual assembly process and makes optimum allowance for production tolerances.

The Best-Fit process has been proven in practice and is already being used for fully automated door assembly in the production of the new Porsche 911 series. The doors are fitted using a gripper with sensors to ensure an absolutely flush fit in the body.

A Best-Fit demonstration cell is currently set up at the ThyssenKrupp Drauz Nothelfer plant in Ravensburg, where the process can be viewed and tested. The Best-Fit process offers numerous benefits and high cost-cutting potential: the precision fitting of the components means that post-finish reworking is no longer required. Quality control can be performed directly after assembly, eliminating the need for a separate inline measuring station.

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