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Products and solutions, 2005-11-16, 04:00 PM

For the first time, one network to transport all services

ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems and T-Systems will be offering a new type of communications network for ships in future. For the first time, the so-called Multi Service Board Network will be transmitting all communication between all types of equipment or services on board via a single network: from a telephone call to Video on Demand, right through to fire alarms. Shipyards will therefore save construction time, while ship-owners profit from less weight and more room. Torsten Könker, Member of the Executive Board Surface Vessel Division of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, and Michael Guschlbauer, Head of Division of T-Systems Business Services, have signed an agreement to this effect.

The new network offers both shipyards and ship-owners benefits: shipyards only have to lay about a sixth of the cable distance, and ship-owners gain space on board and save weight, as not only less cables are necessary. The glass fibre used is also lighter than copper wire. In addition, this technology offers decisive advantages with regard to future changes, such as ship extensions.

In particular, the network is fail-proof, as it is on the one hand laid out several times and on the other independently recognizes, makes a report and partially even rectifies. It therefore corresponds to the high standards of Germanischer Lloyd, shipbuilding's technical inspection agency. The Multi Service Board Network transmits data in Internet protocol. ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems has designed the intelligent interface (Fibre Optic Substation) between the glass-fibre network and the equipment. It was T-Systems' job to provide the steering as well as monitoring network management for the Multi Service Board Network. The development time for the new technology was four years. Both companies aim to continue to develop it together.

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